Lodovica Comello is now a mother. Welcome Teo!


Published on Mar 17, 2020


Lodovica Comello is now a mother! To tell us he thought directly to her through a picture on his profile on Instagram. A hand small, closed in a fist, a playsuit and a blue cap, only a fragment of the cheek and that was it. “Hi Teo,” and so the Comello from her to welcome her small.

No other details about the birth for now, but surely not be long in coming. Also, the husband of Lodovica, the argentine producer Tomas Goldschmidt, has shared a snap of Teo, adding: “Now that begins the quarantine!”, trying to be ironic about this dark period.

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Lodovica Comello had left the conduct of Italia's Got Talent the week of the final, for obvious reasons. In cover in its place was put Enrico Papi, who has done a wonderful job. From his milanese home definitely Comello you will be enjoyed the final episode directly from his couch.



Hello Teo 🐻

A post shared by 🍿Lodovica Comello🍿 (@lodocomello) date: 16 Mar 2020 at 9:40 pm PDT

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In these days before giving birth, while they all waited for the happy news, the new mom is dedicated to the podcast “The asciugona” for his fans. A set of bets in which Lodovica, making the person exasperating, but very nice, snocciolava one by one, all the clichés of pregnancy, disseminating laughter here and there, to all those who have always followed.

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