Lobo: the writer of the film wants to remain faithful to the spirit of the comics


Published on Feb 13, 2018


Jason Fuchs, writer of Wonder Woman, is working on the script of the Lobe.

Fuchs was interviewed by LRM Online, and he has said: “When I work on comic book characters, especially those that I hold dear, such as Wonder Woman and Lobo, I want to create something that is faithful to the original. I think that Wonder Woman's capture really the tone, not only of the comics, the original William Moulton Marston, but also the run of George Perez the match at the end of the ’80s. I thought I read those comics on the big screen.”

“I can't reveal too much, but Lobo will be very different, because the comic is rather unique. What they have done to Keith Giffen and Alan Grant and it was really unique. We hope to capture the same spirit when we make the film.”

In addition to Wonder Woman, Fuchs has written The Ice age 4 – Continents adrift, Pan – Trip to the Island That is Not There and the next cinevideogame Minecraft.

Michael Bay, director of the saga of the Transformers, would be the first choice of Warner Bros. to direct Lobo. Bay would have given you some tips to Fuchs to rewrite the script. When the new drafting will be complete, the DC will propose to the director to see if they agree.

Created by Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer, Lobo is a bounty hunter and interstellar alien, lobo works. He made his debut on the no. 3 of the Omega Men, released in 1983.

Guy Ritchie, director of Sherlock Holmes, had to direct a movie about Lobo in 2009. The first synopsis spoke of a “biker pimp that is hunting four fugitives who have triggered the chaos on the Earth.” Ritchie left the project to direct Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows.

In 2012 we also talked about Brad Payton (San Andreas, Rampage: Rampage Animal) to the direction that he wanted Dwayne Johnson in the role of the protagonist. Johnson will play now Black Adam in the DC Universe film.

Lobo: the writer of the film wants to remain faithful to the spirit of the comic is




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