Lobo: Michael Bay could direct the film


Published on Feb 09, 2018


The Wrap reports that Michael Bay, director of the saga of the Transformers, would be the first choice of Warner Bros. to direct Lobo, the new film from DC Comics. Jason Fuchs, writer of Wonder Woman, was hired to write the Lobe in 2016. According to the source, the Bay would have given you some tips to Fuchs to rewrite the script. When the new drafting will be complete, the DC will propose to the Bay to see if they agree.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that the current script would require a budget of 200 million dollars, and should be a movie forbidden to minors. For this reason, the Warner will not give way to production until the budget required will be not less than.

Created by Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer, Lobo is a bounty hunter and interstellar alien, lobo works. He made his debut on the no. 3 of the Omega Men, released in 1983.

Guy Ritchie, director of Sherlock Holmes, had to direct a movie about Lobo in 2009. The first synopsis spoke of a “biker pimp that is hunting four fugitives who have triggered the chaos on the Earth.” Ritchie left the project to direct Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows.

In 2012 we also talked about Brad Payton (San Andreas, Rampage: Rampage Animal) to the director.

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