Living RaiPlay hear of gold but the numbers are what was expected?


Published on Nov 05, 2019


The tv has changed, this is we often hear when we talk about listening, and it is for this reason that Rai wants to experience more. You do it with RaiPlay, it does so with Fiorello on Raiplay. The contradiction of this operation lies in the fact that, for the launch of a new format in streaming, use the television, but this is the mirror of a country's old and lazy that he does not like a lot of the new technologies. The rest of you think also the fact that the first episode of Viva Raiplay 15 minutes after the end of the show was not yet available on-line. And this brings us already to understand how Italy is really very, very back. Mediaset, for example, in this sense, does much better: he understood the importance of the clips that are published on the official website almost simultaneously with the same program as on Rai tv Play it is not possible to find the clips of all the programs and the entire bet is only available from the next day.

If you want to innovate, you should do it from the basics...

But going back to listen to the first mini episode of Raiplay, what can we say? The show of Fiorello has divided yesterday: is there anyone who has found it unnecessary, messy, and very innovative, and those who instead see in the show man the poet of the future. And the same can be said today is done with the ratings: 6 million viewers in front of the tv for the show of Fiorello. Numbers that would be welcomed by Mediaset, for example, as memorable, seen the ones that are the most recent results. But for the Rai, which is accustomed to an average of more than 5 million viewers, thanks to Amadeus, and that he sends in wave fiction 6-million viewers, these are really the numbers that we expected?

And here comes into play the speech on the tv that change. Many analysts note that until 4-5 years ago these numbers would have been ridiculous for a show of Fiorello, who would have spoken about the flop. Today, however, things change. And it is a general discourse that we should learn to do it more often, depending, of course, also to the target audience. But it is a discourse that has its exceptions. Consider, for example, to The College, a program just for young people. When there is something that appeals to the young, tablet, pc and mobile phones, we tune in to on tv. The numbers are there. Then it is clear that it is easy to review the clips, the streaming episodes and that when account is taken of the audience, we should also talk about these numbers. Perhaps more than to continue to say that the audience has changed, we should learn to merge the data of the stream, which are much more reliable, to those of the old analysis, auditel knows that the stale, having regard to the methods used.

Today, this numbers say the show of Fiorello as the program's most-watched day. And Rai scored a hat-trick in the day of 4 November 2019:

Il Commissario Montalbano – Il gioco degli Specchi has conquered 4.851.000 spectators equal to 22.86% of the share.

On Bbc1 VivaRaiPlay! it was seen by 6.532.000 viewers with 25.08% of the share; Soliti Ignoti – The Return get 6.365.000 viewers with 23.80%.

The three programs most viewed, in fact, have aired on Rai 1. Now we have to see if the data will remain the same even in these days, after the initial surprise. And then, above all, it will be the miracle: that is, the data listening to boom for RaiPlay streaming, only in that case, the Rai may have won the bet.

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