Live life: you're always listening to in the fall, little themes and graphics are not enough


Published on Feb 14, 2019


Truly in that of Rai 1 and someone thought that a change of siglette between an advertisement and the other and change the logos of the programme could serve to give a boost of life to the program that is flop? Live life not like the audience of Rai 1 that chooses always the less to follow him. It is true it is too early to judge the changes that have arrived in these days, but the public may not be attracted to siglette that change and graphics that wink at a mature audience ( the face of the change of Rai 1 that looks for the young, perhaps not in the band that goes from 16.30 to 18.45). It is possible that no one read the comments on the social part of the audience that follows The live life to understand that does not work is the couple's choice for this edition of the program?

And someone tell Francesca Fialdini that the idea of the singing is not the approach to the public, empathy with the viewers at home means much more. The real problem of this issue of live life are just the conductors. Let's talk about two of the professionals, this is clear, but the public did not appreciate the union. He ran to the guards trying to give each his own space, but even this is not served.

We take numbers and data from auditel related to the plays of yesterday, 13 February 2019

Life Direct has collected 1.787.000 viewers with 13.97%.

has obtained an average audience of 2.564.000 spectators, amounting to 22.35% of the share. Afternoon Five has made the company to 2.337.000 viewers (19.38%), in the first part, 2.671.000 admissions (18.97%), in the second part, and to 2.321.000 viewers (15.02%), in the third part of the short-term.

It is scary the gap there is between the data from auditel in the Afternoon to Five, and those de live life, ever closer to Rai 3 Geo, which registers an average of 1.6 million viewers in the afternoon yesterday, that the competitor, Channel 5.

Life live, has also tried to change the direction of the first part, the lighter, and the second part is dedicated to the chronicle. Of movement also with a renewed study, which, in our humble opinion is worse, only the situation. The public does not like Timperi: just read the comments about his way of dealing with the opinion leaders, the guests and sent. The jokes that go are daily criticized by a public that does not digest his style. The exchange authorial little can serve, though, as you will read on the many comments on the social, issues hashed and rehashed on this edition of live life not to impress.

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