Live life vs Afternoon 5: the ratings, the first challenge of September 11


Published on Sep 11, 2017


The first day of the great challenges in the afternoon of Bbc1 and Channel 5. We focus, in our analysis, the historic challenge between live life or Life live, and in the Afternoon Five. September 11, 2017 is match the challenge of the seasonal between the two programs of Rai and Mediaset. For Marco Liorni and Francesca Fialdini a debut, with a week of delay compared to Barbara D'urso, which is instead returned to tv last Monday. Before analyzing the data auditel in the afternoon on Rai 1 and Canale 5, let's see in detail how the two programs have decided to set the news and the information given in the course of the afternoon.

First of all, we split the afternoon into two parts. The first challenge is between The live life and Cherry Season-The season of the heart aired by the 15,15 on Channel 5, about ten minutes after the start of the program of Rai1. While on Channel 5 airs the series Turkish tv, Marco Liorni and Francesca Fialdini make their entrance in the study of Bbc1, starting of course from the chronicle. In the first part of the afternoon, tell us what are the latest news from Livorno. While Marco is at his ease, and even more loose than usual, Francesca has not yet taken up the measures. Screams a bit too much and puts too much emphasis in the parts that touch to give her the news. Also still missing the right feeling between the two conductors that overlap in launch services and in giving the word to the messengers. You then continue with a part dedicated to September 11, we connect you with the CNN and the address of the Trump live, and it features a woman that was under one of the Towers the day of the terrorist attack. The first part continues with the news of actuality. In this time absolutely not to underestimate those who will listen to Said the Fact that he made his debut on 11 September with a surprising Serena Rossi.


Arrive the greetings while on Channel 5 airs The secret, which begins at 16,10 while tomorrow will be broadcast to the 16,20 after the afternoon, Big Brother Vip, another obstacle in the way of ratings winning Bbc1. Then starts the Tg and the line back to life live around 16,50 when it resumes with the chronicle. In the link “exclusive” right to accept the term that also appears on bbc1 in over impression, the history of Seriate, the murder of Gianna's Joy. In connection the husband of the lady killed, which provides precise guidance to a designer to make an identikit of the alleged murderer of his wife while in the studio pundits have their say. Among the new purchases, such as a theft, if we can define it. In fact, we learn to live life the general Cloves. Meanwhile on Channel 5 Barbara D'urso peeps in the afternoon of his audience and reveals the ones that will be the topics of the episode. The program starts when it is already past 17,15. The real challenge with The live life lasts almost an hour and a half if you count the advertising.

Then begins the challenge. While on Bbc1 there is talk of a Seriate and then to Florence, taking advantage of the presence of the General comments by the former Policeman what is happening, the D'urso also starts with the chronicle. Latest news from Livorno, with his usual way of doing things, and even updates on the case of Marilena, the woman killed in the province of Varese. The presenter is capable of making a mistake also the name of the woman ( called Mariangela instead of Marilena). Not only that, you connect with Lory del Santo, which tells the story of his unlikely adventure in Miami during the hours of fear for the hurricane Irma. The D'urso on Channel 5 speaks of the Tsunami, but it is a miracle that has not shown her photos of this summer in Miami, strange considering that it would be in his style. Meanwhile, on Bbc1 arrives Virginia Raffaele for a long interview with Marco Liorni. Different time to live life with a live birth, demonstrating that perhaps the Rai does not want to sol the professionalism of Poggio and Rinaldi, but during the winter, search for more, even if it preaches a change towards a new way, we will try to understand which visa that seems to be the same road travelled by Channel 5. By D'urso, instead, is also the exclusive this year Miss Italy, a gift of Patrizia Mirigliani to the competition. And then the moment trash with the smutandate of Venice, in a studio worthy represented. On Bbc1 instead closes with Claudia Gerini interviewed by Francesca Fialdini.

The clash between the Afternoon Five and live life closes as well. The first challenge is gone. The data auditel arriving on the 12th of September 2017 to 10 will tell us what were the choices of the public.





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