Live life that flop: Geo fly with 2 million viewers, Rai 3's record


Published on Jan 10, 2019


That bad start of the year to live life. As Francesca Fialdini and Tiberio Timperi can also pretend nothing has happened, what is happening to The life in the direct is obvious to all. The program does not take off, not like as before. If in September, the public had decided to give a chance to the couple, making record of excellent plays in the afternoon on Rai 1, with the weeks pass, things have changed. The program has lost viewers along the way, I was beaten daily by Channel 5, has been approached by the Geo and the first of the Christmas holiday, also passed. And the audience of January 9, 2018 have resounding: not only live life fails to exceed the average of 1.8 million viewers ( tries to give space to the chronicle of the black as they once did, but he does so not empathetic and does not addictive), but the program of Rai 1 is the sensationally beaten by Geo. The program of Rai 3 is greater than 2 million spectators and presents itself as the new alternative in the afternoon.

The weird thing is that in the afternoon on Rai 1 improves, even if you are still not convinced of the whole, and Come to Me, and the Paradise of the lord which record you listen to interesting. But then it sinks with The live life. Here is the data as of yesterday ( the afternoon of January 9, 2019):

La Vita in diretta " informs 1.488.000 viewers (12.3%) in the first part and 1.769.000 (13.2%) in the second.

The Secret initials 20.6% with 2.466.000 spectators; in the Afternoon the Five, it goes to 16.7% with 2.123.000 spectators in the first part, to 16.6% with 2.417.000 spectators in the second, and 14.8% with 2.377.000 spectators in the third, of short duration.

Geo to 2.062.000 viewers with 14.7% share.

It seems that there is discontent with these data ( it is not clear then as ever to live life trapelino news while there is nothing to say about the test of The cook, who continues to lose points compared to last year). And it also seems that there is on the horizon, a change of authorship is also why the new director of Rai 1 wants to change course. Something you will have to do, since the numbers speak clear. But not only are the data of the problem. With the choices you made from September to now, Rai 1 is in danger of losing a flagship program that was perfect with the conduct of Francesca Fialdini and Marco Liorni ( with something to review in that case). The audience probably doesn't like the way of doing of the two conductors that often end up also on the social, the only place where viewers can have their say, in the crosshairs of criticism.

A round of applause instead of Geo: with the program of Rai 3 demonstrates that there are alternatives to the talk useless, the controversy sterile, the chronicle black and that you can win over the viewer with the other.

Victory DRAMATIC of #Geo on a by now DELERITTA #vitaindiretta...
Now the challenge is between the Channel and Rai3...#Pomeriggio5 #ascoltitv

— 🅰️lessio⚪⚫ (@AlessioRs227) 10 January 2019

Now the challenge of the afternoon is between #Pomeriggio5 and #Geo #AscoltiTv

— DiabolikTV (@Gia_Uss90) 10 January 2019

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