Live life is the choice of italians in the afternoon: over 3 million viewers for Lorella and Matano


Published on Mar 11, 2020


We have already explained, in our analysis of the data auditel dedicated to listen to the pre in the evening, that in these is not the case to speak with tones too exciting to listen to, and data auditel. But the numbers are there and should be somehow commented. And what emerges from the data auditel related to the march 10, 2020 is the choice of the Italian public to tune in, in the time band that goes from 16.30 to 20 on Rai 1. Great to listen de La vita in diretta " which records the record seasonal grossed over 3 million viewers. A 3 in the front not seen in years in the afternoon on Rai 1. The program, conducted by Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini who tries to inform, but also entertain with space, light, like the italians. In the excellent of #iorestoacasa seems increasingly clear that there is really a need of lightness, and that the programs live on air in these days, will play a crucial role for all.

And by admire the work that all of the conductors, from Rai to Mediaset are doing ( together with the editorial teams and the teams working on the implementation of the program). It is not easy for anyone to go to wave and smile, trying to reassure because at home there are families. But professionalism is also seen in these cases.

So let's see the numbers for The vita in diretta", on 10 march 2020 beats Afternoon 5 without if and without but.

La Vita in diretta " informs 3.096.000 viewers, with 18.6% (presentation 2.259.000 – 15.4%). A given in absolute growth with almost a million viewers more than the previous week.

The afternoon of Five is seen at 16.1% with 2.511.000 spectators in the first part, to 15.9% with 2.799.000 spectators in the second and 13.3% with 2.518.000 spectators in the third, of short duration. Listen, however, also excellent for Barbara d'urso.

The italians choose to remain glued to Rai 1 giving the best result of the season also to The inheritance.

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