Live life, and Come to me, come on in the afternoon on Rai 1: the throne classic Mediaset floppa


Published on Nov 09, 2019


Because they can change the ratings of a network on the basis of a single program? Very, at least judging from what happens when on Channel 5 airs the throne of classic Men and Women. Already yesterday, in fact, we spoke of the collapse of listeners of the program of Maria de Filippi when on Channel 5, he makes his way to the throne classic. And yesterday, the data, which is still significant and that is a win, however, Men and Women in his band, could have affected the whole of the afternoon of the network. If, in fact, when the audience knows that the protagonists of the throne over will come to 14.45 rewards even soap and then remains tuned to Channel 5 ( with very good ratings for The secret and the Afternoon 5) during the days devoted to the throne classic, the decline in net income. Resulting in several things: a net growth of Come to me that in the afternoon dell’8 November, has almost two million viewers and also the one from The live life, who yesterday recorded his season's best with a bet very appreciated by the public.

But we see the numbers.

Here is the data as of November 8, 2019

On Bbc1, Come to Me 1.911.000 spectators equal to 13.4% of the audience. The Paradise of the Lord reaches 1.658.000 viewers and 13.8%. LaVita Direct has collected 1.915.000 viewers with 14.3% (presentation 1.380.000 – 11.7%).

The average of the program of Rai 1 is larger than that of the Afternoon, 5 loses again the challenge, the second time in a matter of a few days. Certain 2 defeats on two and a half months of putting on the air are few, but in our analysis, these data allow us to understand many things.

On Canale5 Beautiful 2.578.000 viewers with 16.7%. A Life has convinced 2.489.000 viewers with 16.6% share. To follow Men and Women got 2.436.000 viewers with 18.3% (Final: 2.277.000 – 19.1%). The episode of the throne classic Friday is still worse than that of the Thursday demonstration that the public is tired of tronisti considered to be little honest and self-obsessed only by the followers.

The Secret is seen by an average of 2.254.000 spectators equal to 19.4% of the share. The afternoon, Five recorded an average of 1.774.000 viewers (14.2%), in the first part, 1.982.000 viewers (13.9%), in the second part, and 1.712.000 viewers (11.2%) in the last part of the short-term.

Not to be underestimated in this context also the ratings of the other networks. When the afternoon Channel 5 “floppa” compared to the other days ( but we reiterate that Men and Women won, however, on the competition, and even soap) the other networks grow.

On Rai2 Said and Done has collected 725.000 viewers with 5.5%.

Geo has recorded 1.811.000 viewers with 13.3%.

And excellent the ratings of Italy, 1 with the series in the first vision, free The Big Bang Theory 12 marks 943.000 spectators (7%) .

In short, when knights and ladies of the throne over, which at this point, Maria and Piersilvio they should make a statue does not animate the afternoons on Channel 5, all is more sad. You take action in this direction? The throne classic is already reduced to two episodes from any season,while the throne over we see the three episodes per week, there could soon be a fourth?

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