LIVE is Not The D'urso: Nina Moric accusation Fabulous, ricatterebbe Elena Moral


Published on May 04, 2020


Phase 2 seems to have started even to LIVE is Not The D'urso. After the choice to try to make it a little more sober in the program to avoid the usual cornerstones of the program, the talk show Sunday Barbara D'urso has fallen in the already-known strands gossip widely discussed on Channel Five. And with such a feud could get back on track, if not with the one left at the half due to the fault of COVID19? The exact, in the studios of Cologno Monzese went on to discuss the two ex-boyfriends Nina Moric and Luigi Mario Fabulous.

After the truth of Luigi Mario Fabulous listen seven days ago, in the episode of may 3, 2020 LIVE is Not the D'urso we have listened to the version of Nina Moric; the former model has brought in studio audio recordings of some calls that occurred between her and her ex-Luigi Mario Fabulous. But in the studio he also brought an accusation is really very heavy: the alleged blackmail.

If the phone calls hear we have understood much, will leave a mark in the space dedicated to Nina Moric is an alleged blackmail that Luigi Mario Fabulous would warp on Elena Moral. The former model of croatia has explained that to tell them of this blackmail, it was the Moral call is made in secret to Luigi Mario Strong.

According to the testimony of Nina Moric, the former pupa told her to be desperate and forced to play the game of Luigi Mario Fabulous because of a video in shades of hot that the ritrarrebbe to his own bed, with the old Torre del Greco. An intricate case of Revenge Porn, says Nina Moric.

These, in short, the statements of Nina Moric to LIVE is Not The D'urso: “I never called mrs. Elena Moral. She has called me. At a certain point started to cry desperately. Elena Moral, as he was afraid for his safety. It is under the charge of Luigi Mario Fabulous. Elena Moral said to me that Luigi has a movie of the two of them making love. I have never called Luigi Mario Fabulous”.

There will be a further replication of the television of Luigi Mario Fabulous?

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