LIVE is Not the D'urso: Mercedesz unmount Eva Henger, false accusations on Lucas Peracchi


Published on Nov 05, 2019


After a month of unlikely controversy from an embarrassing “p*ttana Eve,“ seems to be the joint at the end of the telenovela of ursus starring the ubiquitous Eva Henger, his daughter Marcedesz and the boyfriend of the girl Lucas Peracchi. According to some interpretations, announced in the studies of Sunday Live, Eva Henger, had announced on tv that his daughter was not safe: he was beaten and segregated from the palestratissimo boyfriend. The daughter and the same boy were individually guests of the same transmission to refute categorically the statements of the current lady Caroletti.

Lucas Peracchi asked even to be able to meet Eva Henger live for a comparison, but last Monday, as we already know, the woman is not presented in the study, leaving even a letter in which he asked the use of the machine for the truth about the two young people to see clearly. Peracchi, in that case, sentitosi teased for the umpteenth time, has left the transmission. In the episode of 4 November there was the second and last round in the elevator.

Eva Henger has been invited to enter the lift to LIVE is Not The D'urso. The woman is waiting at the entrance of Lucas Peracchi; instead in its place came the daughter Marcedesz that, without many words, he faced with calmness the mother starting literally sbugiardarla: “Tell me why you did all this!” – he immediately exclaimed the young man – “Yes, it is true that we quarrelled and broke the phone. But never have I said that Luke gave me a slap in the face“.

Sentence after sentence, the young man brings the mother to finish with her head bowed, and – despite various attempts to stay afloat in the discussion – the young Mercedesz takes of the chest, any statement of the mother smentendola categorically: “you scare Me when you say lies. You never admitted fault. Unfortunately, to bring up all this crap in public, it was you. You have been in the middle of my brother!“.

In the elevator enters Lucas Peracchi; the personal trainer confesses that he no longer denounced the Henger senior also out of respect of his girlfriend: “I want to clarify that I have not reported to the police. I did not do it because I have a clean conscience. I only wanted peace between you. I hope that one day you will be the grandmother of my children. Go around with the label of one who beats women, is something horrible. Something that I have never done“.

Harassed also by the suggestions in the studio, Eva Henger try to bring peace between the three of them embracing before the daughter, and then her boyfriend. Marcedesz appreciates the gesture; far more alert is Lucas Peracchi: “The allegations made about me are very serious. If he did this is because in front of all of Italy...”.

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