LIVE is Not the D'urso: Eva Henger absent in the studio, Lucas Peracchi to


Published on Oct 29, 2019


Told and trumpeted by weeks: each Sunday afternoon Barbara D'urso tells us about the last details of the family feud that erupted between Eva Henger, his daughter Mercedesz Henger and her boyfriend Lucas Peracchi. The case is broken out because of an unlikely exit out of the place of the young, the Anger in Jr exclaimed “p**den Eva” indispettendo the mother. The controversy in question, then, has evolved into something potentially more serious.

Eva Henger has begun to declare in the show of Barbara D'urso that the boyfriend of his daughter, precisely as Lucas Peracchi, has segretato and then beat her daughter Mercedesz. Despite the denials from both of the two guys, Eva Henger is convinced of his theories. After the umpteenth interview of the two young people in Sunday Live, Lucas Peracchi has said it is interested to meet in person, the former actress hard to make a comparison between adults... A meeting that would take place precisely in the episode of 28 October to Live is Not the D'urso. Would have to be...

The affaire Henger – Peracchi is carried out in a hurry in the episode of 28 October to Live is Not The D'urso. In a few minutes, the host invites Lucas Peracchi in the lift to LIVE for this long-awaited meeting. The young man pressed the button, the tailgate opens but inside the elevator there is none. In the cabin there is a display case with a letter.

The presenter says he does not know the content but know that it is a letter written by Eva Henger, addressed to her and in which he speaks of Peracchi. The text of the message explains that the former porn actress is not presented in the study because her lawyers have advised her not to do so in order not to complicate the situation in legal terms; Peracchi had threatened to querelarla and for this he preferred to desert the face-to-face.

In the letter, there is also an embarrassing request to Eva Henger at D'urso: submit the personal trainer to the machine of the truth.

Lucas Peracchi, very lucidly, commented: “I am tired. If the lady Eva Henger you were brought here, I would post his public apology. If I am wrong, I would have apologized. Her here is not wanted to come, then will never admit that you invented all of this theatre: patience. I'd served on a silver platter“. The young person has left the lift confirming that querelerà Eva Henger. And the curtain falls.

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