LIVE is Not The D'urso: Alberico Lemme escaped the Coronavirus, talks about his care


Published on Apr 20, 2020


In connection with LIVE is Not the D'urso, the criticised pharmacist Alberico Lemme recounted his personal experience with the Coronavirus: the man revealed, in fact, I have been plagued by COVID19 and having escaped this danger, after more than a month and a half after its self-diagnosis. Lemme tells of being hospitalized for a month, and with particularly severe symptoms be then negative to the test pad.

The intervention of Alberico Lemme, lasted about five minutes on the clock, has resulted in tv a Lim different: nothing gestures and phrases, angrily, screams and strange theories on medicine; live to LIVE is Not The D'urso pharmacist has shown calm, cautious, meek, at times, still scared for the sad story that happened to you.

“My tragedy has lasted a month and a half. It all started on the 3rd of march. After three days, I have made a self-diagnosis and I immediately isolated,“ he explained, " Alberico Lemme at the opening of his connection with LIVE is Not The D'urso – “I Had fever and I was out of breath. I had panic attacks the night because I felt like I was missing the breath. In the evening I was also 38 and a half of fever“.

Lemme initially had preferred to self-isolation but were members of his family to push him to the shelter: “are You on never sister, my sister-in-law who is a doctor, and I have followed all the protocol... I want to clarify that I do not have favoritism. I was admitted on the 13th of April. In the emergency room? I will not say even what was there... I was on the stretcher with my coat for three days, but this is not the fault of no one, because there we were all in the same situation...”.

Alberico Lemme continues his story by explaining that he: “Thanks to dr. Zangrillo and his staff, I was transferred to the ward, they started the treatment. I was seven days there. Then I was transferred to Sussex, and there the son remained until the 14th of April. That care I had? I will tell you an anecdote which is not really nice, but is it a true fact. When I was admitted, I asked the doctor who had my folders: excuse me doctor, but what is the protocol drug that you expected? Him with a tone very tough he looked me in the face and told me: look, pray, why here, there is no protocol. Here the only treatment is oxygen. It was all experimental!”.

But how did Alberico Lemme get hit by the Coronavirus? The pharmacist says he touched the eyes with unwashed hands.

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