LIVE is Not The D'urso: Aida Nizar cries and tells the truth on the alleged arrest


Published on Apr 27, 2020


Guest of the episode of April 26, 2020 LIVE is Not the D'urso was also Aida Nizar. In link from his home in Spain, the woman has tried to tell what is true about the news circulated on the web by a few days in which it is said that the former Big Brother contestant, the Italian would have been arrested for threatening with a knife to her boyfriend as well as partner.

In the course of the broadcast conducted by Barbara D'urso, the woman explained with a lot of emphasis of being the victim of a fae news launched by the media in spain and then will be retransmitted by the blogs and information websites in italy. A sad affair that has forced even to sue some newspapers of the iberian peninsula.

“I was the victim of a massacre television show, a massacre of many newspapers,” he immediately explained Aida Nizar in the link from Spain in the LIVE broadcast, is The D'urso – “This is just another hoax. It is not the first time that attack me! Someone who is not me has invented yet another time, a lie that hurt me... and for my companion, the love of my life. It's not true!”.

In the course of the long space granted to Aida Nizar, intervened, Simona Izzo (also in the link from his home) that he tried to refute the defensive line of the woman: according to Izzo, the history of the fake news is false. “She is brilliant in her madness, and then the only reason to go on television was inventing something terrible to herself. She is ready for everything!!!”.

Between the two is, inevitably, broke out a quarrel, which ended in an unusual way: Aida Nizar seems to have accused the blow, and fall into despair, you broke down in tears, pleading for understanding. The Nizar explained, to live in harmony with her boyfriend, which, among other things, was assisting in the direct interview, but remaining just outside the frame.

Finally, Aida Nizar has promised to have denounced respondent, some of the heads of the Spanish for having spread the false news of the alleged assault.

And if this boyfriend was not a new Mark Caltagirone? If you asked Costantino Della Gherardesca, and he also guest in the studio. Aida Nizar has disproved this hypothesis by showing the hand and arm of his companion. The guy has preferred not to show himself fully, because it is not interested in the red light of the cameras.

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