LIVE is Not D'urso: Paolo Brosio against the Churches closed to Coronavirus challenge of Pope Francis?


Published on Mar 23, 2020


For the third week in a row, within one of the spaces of debate, to LIVE is Not the D'urso was a guest in connection Paolo Brosio. The man who for years tells of having been struck on the Way to Damascus, and have, therefore, converted to full in a faithful catholic christian. Inside of the talk of Barbara D'urso, the man was called again and express his concerns regarding the decision taken by the Italian Government to prohibit any kind of religious function: masses, funerals, or other events that can aggregate the faithful in the church.

The theories of Paolo Brosio, for the third time repeated in exactly the same transmission, they are obviously faced with anger and dissent. But unlike the past times, there was actually something different: the intervention to the surprise of Valeria Marini, who has pointed out how Brosio same as going against what was requested recently by Pope Francis...

“I think that the eucharist, with a limited number of the faithful, with a few people who must have gloves, masks and the respect of the distance, could be granted. Saw that you go to the Tobacconist, there are those who play the coupon the Lotto, who goes to the supermarket... For me, the eucharist should be put in the first place!”: with these words, Paolo Brosio has opened the topic by immediately warm the hearts in the studio.

According to the former journalist, in this flood emergency Coronavirus, it is important to take refuge in the sacraments of God: “In a time like this, with due caution, is to give a hand to humanity. I think of this. Then you can have another idea. The Government can make its own choices but I also think that the Bishops could not find a mediation to be able to give the eucharist, or to give, for example, the anointing of the sick to the dying”.

In the studio, in addition to opinion makers, even the same Barbara D'urso try to reason with Paul Brosio that at all costs he hastens on to compare the churches to the supermarkets: “I don't take it for a crazy irresponsible! You can go in certain places that are visited 10 times more than a church and you cannot take only the eucharist in the church? Maybe wearing masks, gloves and the priest as well with the gloves? The thing lasts for a second!“.

To stop the next diatribe on the hunger for food (for which you go to the supermarket) and the hunger of the faith (for which you need to go to church) arrives Valeria Marini, who quotes the words of Pope Francis: “You can pray even in the church! He also said Pope Francis during the Angelus: you must pray in the house. You have to respect the rules. It is a time of emergency! Paul, you're giving the wrong message...”.

The latest attempt to Paolo Brosio want to convince everyone that it is possible to equip the priests and faithful of masks in order to take the sacred host, the director Roberto Alessi: “Here is a nice title: Paolo Brosio is against Pope Francis. You are against Pope Francis? Wonder...“.

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