Live in Greenland in a life and then end up in the Canary islands? The story of 11 Inuit

Published on May 10, 2016

Mads pihl say, Visit Greenland, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Premise: I think a little depends on the fact that see in the images of Greenland, is already a strong emotion. A little more is due to the video itself, which in fact it is really made for art. And then anything goes eh, but to see an elderly gentleman, proud and beautiful, with a look so happy... For the strength that I have moved!

This is a beautiful story. For me.
Those simple. Of those who teach. Ones you never thought of, or better, I I never thought of that.

You have never heard of the INUIT? Have you ever wondered what it means to live in Greenland?
I, no. Never. And now I proceed with the order.

The Inuit are a population of about 300 people that lives in the village of Kulusuk in Greenland. We are in the region of the Tunu to the west of this immense Country that is dominated only by the glaciers, and endless expanses of snow. I never had the chance to put the foot, but I always thought that living in Greenland is an experience for the super heroes.

In Greenland, the life as we know it, does not exist.
The few inhabitants live immersed in the frost the most complete and, I admit, I had never thought about until today, what it exactly means to live there. In the concrete. For a whole life. And for this I love this story that can make me think...

The Inuit have never done the swim in the sea. They never touched the sand, but above all were never with the body “naked” to the sun. And do not imagine even remotely what this means.
Not only that, the thing that struck me the most: they never touched a tree, or a leaf.
Of course, they are all platitudes, if we are going to think in detail (if there is only ice, comes by itself no? Would say the first witty “scientist” of the case... ). But you have you ever thought about? I no and the thing has impressed me.

This documentary focuses on just this!
The smile of the sun is a documentary that tells the story of 11 Inuit, who have been chosen, invited and hosted in one of the places with the best climate in the world: the Canary islands. As to the accuracy of the 11 Inuit were brought for the first time in their lives out from Greenland, and “catapulted” to the Canary islands made the sea and the beach and the sun. For us, beautiful places to vacation. For them, accustomed to live in Greenland (!), a true revolution.

This is one of the trailer of 30 seconds:

All of this work originates from anthropological research that aims to understand, not only how to live with the Inuit for a similar experience, but also to test the prerogatives of the Canary Islands considered by many studies as the place with the best climate in the world.

The protagonists of this documentary are hunters and fishermen, along with their families. The age ranges from 1 year to 64. “The smile of the sun” with the objective of studying (and filming) the reaction of the Inuit.
Imagine the emotion of those who saw only ice and snow always, to find oneself in a place so varied and different? Touch for the first time in the water with bare feet? Touch the sand? Or dive in the sea?

For “scientists” who wondered why the Canary islands have this climate unique in the world, I can only quote what he has sent me to the entity of tourism of the Canary islands...

The Canary islands have a mild climate and constant thanks to the fusion of the 5 elements:
1. the geographical location in the Atlantic Ocean
2. the presence of the anticyclone of the Azores
3. the trade winds and permanent
4. the influence of the cold current of the ocean
5. the relief of the islands.

All of these elements that I I would never know how to explain, are the reason why the climate of the Canary islands is one of the best in the world.
And the thing that I wondered as I watched these videos, but the Inuit have returned to live in Greenland after having seen what there is out there?

Here is the beautiful and touching 3 minute video to enjoy a little more of this story:


PS: you touched a little bit of you... or I clear my problems?

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