Live Filippo Nardi, and the doubt he had the covid 19: all of the symptoms and the story


Published on Apr 27, 2020


In an interview a few weeks ago, Filippo Nardi had told him about what had happened in the last few weeks. The count had explained to be convinced of having the coronavirus-even if it has not been possible to make the buffer for which at the moment can only be imagined to have addressed him with the ugly evil. In the episode of the Live-it is Not the d'urso aired April 26, 2020, for the first time, Nardi tells what happened on tv, trying to explain why he believes he had the coronavirus.

So begins the tale of Filippo Nardi, who seems to be still very much tried:

“I lost 8 kilos. I was in Milan a few days before the lockdown to fix a house. There was the lockdown, we did not know the gravity of the situation and I was here to fix this house . A week after I feel pain everywhere, like after a boxing match. I have 51 years and I know my body. I had fever at 39. I never had a fever like that. No sore throat, and cough. “

Nardi, then, not knowing what to do, turns to a doctor, with the hope that someone can tell him what is going on: “the Beginning of the call by following the instructions given by the various issuers. I call the doctor, call the region and they said to me: ‘If it worsens call an ambulance. At the beginning of march we didn't know the other symptoms. I had conjunctivitis, lost the sense of smell, the taste and also appetite. Now come out that there are other symptoms related to this disease.”

No buffer, however, for the Nardi that explains Live that it has complied with all the rules, have been followed to the letter the directions, coming out of the house only a couple of times to make the expenditure. Then makes a proposal: “would it Not be to reward people like us, that we behave in a responsible manner. This crisis has devastated all of. I do ads, asking other what they think. There is a lot of people who says he had strange symptoms, even in January, even before Christmas. No one tells me how and where to make a buffer. Are closed in the house from the 3rd of march. I can no more. I'm just me”.

On the non-buffer, the real plague of this situation, the Nardi says: “I called 4 times and I was done with the buffer. I do not doubt that nurses, doctors and all the players are great heroes. This should be an example for a Government that decides to make cuts to the Health service. We hope that the lesson” .

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