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Published on Oct 09, 2017


The District of Plants, in eternal conflict with the District of the Flowers, does not seem to fare very well. A place where the balance between superstition and reason, is always more precarious: on the one hand the medicinal plants and their congregations of magic, on the other, the party of the Evergreen led by the insane leader Salvius. The arrival of the Palm trees, fleeing from the human world and the witch hunt implemented vis-à-vis of the oil they produce, will break this balance.

The plants, treated as illegal migrants do not want, are being killed one at a time by a mysterious and spooky figure that recalls the claims of “Worshippers of Shallot”. It will be a cactus with no more reasons to fight and a group of flowers seems to have found peace putting an end to this wave of hatred.

Live & Vegeta has been the revelation of the last year about the growing landscape of web comics, benefitting from a printed edition for the types of Bao Publishing – our review here – which have made him known to the “public at large” the noir a vegetarian-created by Francesco Savino and Stefano Simeone.

And on that road noir again the second season is set 10 years after the first, and you move in the District of the Plants where we make the acquaintance of the new protagonists basil, Basil and chilli Pepper that are found to investigate a mysterious murder. In the background of the social tensions that found their outlet in political action, and of Salvius, leader of the party of the Evergreen.

It would have been unintelligent to change the winning formula of the first season, and so Francesco Savino opts simply to make it more direct and forceful.

The canvas noir of the previous season becomes almost a crime/procedural – if you're accustomed to the terminology to the television, or the police, if you prefer, categories and more local – in which the themes of truth, racism and belonging are immediately rendered with angular and abrasive.

The atmosphere of a dreamlike, muffled and heady District of the Flowers, the cactus Carl is the protagonist helpless and unaware of the events, it gives way to a District in which the cement has made cynics of the two protagonists, which seem to be counterparts of the plant a history of Munoz and Sampayo, dialogues, and prose laced make us discover a metropolis where the hatred is palpable in every look and in every attitude.

It's really the hatred of the matrix of the murder, on which Basil, and Pepper are investigating? But it is above all our company, who Live and Vegeta follows in an effective way, to have found in I hate his lowest common denominator?

We will have to wait until the end of the 10 chapters that make up this second season to judge the plot, drawn from the author but, above all, the depth of his reflection. It would be unfair, however, not to note a maturation of the series, and a greater security in its means of author.

Maturation is also evident in the pencils of one Stefano Simeone, whose stroke is now more confident and determined. The designer's style remains recognizable, the lines are thin and tapered, but the setting is more “urban” seems to galvanizzarlo featuring immediately with personalities to the two new protagonists and playing with the camera angles borrowed from the great detective serials but reinterpreted in a personal and effective way, making the reading dynamic and fluid.

The second season of the Live-and-Vegeta is officially started last October 3 and will be composed of 10 chapters which will be published fortnightly, which you can read for FREE every Tuesday on After a mid-season finale scheduled to the middle of the season, the story will end in the early months of 2018.

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