Little Big Italy the Italian cuisine abroad

Published on Apr 08, 2018

Us Italian food we are demanding, we think that our both the kitchen and best in the world, at the maximum but a maximum of just a few countries can compete, when we go abroad, or try Italian food or tasting the dishes of the place happy to return to the flavors so dear and well known.

Often when we try Italian dishes abroad, we are not satisfied, we seem different, less good, made with ingredients that have nothing to do with those that we love so much, to debunk this myth, a new program on channel 9.

It's called Little Big Italy, will be conducted by Francesco Panella, a well-known restaurateur roman, with a restaurant also in Brooklyn, the aim is to demonstrate that even outside of Italy, you can eat good Italian, recreating the taste of home.

The program begins on April 8th at 21.25, in each episode, the conductor will meet with the three italians that will lead him to eat in their favorite restaurant, they will taste different recipes and then express an assessment on the choice of expat, the workhorse of the chef and the menu in the cords of Panella.

At the end of the lunch vote by expressing their preferences with the tokens from one to five for each flow rate, Panella can add a vote to the Italian spirit which could prove to be decisive to choose the best among the three chosen.

It will turn a bit’ all over the world from Paris to Boston, from New York to Berlin, London, San Francisco to the discovery of the tastes of home, but not only that, it is a real journey to rediscover the traditions, habits, typical dishes, memories, and the pride of many italians living abroad and looking to export a piece of the heart and of the kitchen-away-from-home.


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