Lite furious for Men and Women: Barbara De Santi against all

Published on Oct 06, 2018

Men and women if you see some good: there will be a heated argument between the ladies and knights of the throne over. Here's what will happen

Men and Women is one of the most watched programs and with the return of Barbara De Santi there will be new developments. Returning the heated quarrel in the program, here is the reason to study this time. The main character is always you, Barbara De Santi, that before in the recording of the classic episode later in the show, battibeccato not just with those present in the studio.

The Alley of the News talk about real fights on, you graze your hands practically. An episode not to be missed: only after that we will be able to get an idea and stand to one side or the other.

The first row erupted after the airing of a video in which Valentina is unleashed and ends up in tears for David. Maria is a note to the lady who cannot even look into the face of his boyfriend. In the previous episode has shown little sensitivity not consolandola after the attacks of Pine.

David justifies himself by saying that he did not intend to deceive anyone, and so leave the attacks to Valentina, who in turn will be defended by Nino. Meanwhile, another knight will defend the Saints, but the Gem into her.

Gem take a lot of high marks and but a low score from Barbara: from here to begin a discussion accesissima, because Nino is going to attack Barbara. Barbara litigherĂ  with another knight that will point the finger and tell you not to be an example for its students: a very serious accusation, unjust.

Gem, and the same Gianni, at a certain point to be an enemy against the Saints. A bet lively crackling in the full style of the program.

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