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Published on Jan 02, 2018

Everyone is talking about IPTV, and you feel out of place? See our in-depth study and the topic you will be much more clear. In short a list, IPTV is a series of links from which you can see the streaming channels. Now that you know what we're talking about, we can go on to talk about the topic of this article, where to find lists IPTV connettenti the Italian channels, and up to date.

A list is a set of links, the IPTV technology has jumped to the headlines because it is now easy to find online bad guys that offer lists of private, fee-paying (usually about 10 euros a month), containing not only the channels but also those payment of Premium and Sky. And’ useless to tell you that not only commit crime but also the buyers are risking a lot.

If you are among those who use a list iptv private, and hope you are aware of being in serious danger. The only way to use means of this kind of security is a VPN with no Logs. We happened to review three solutions reliable, fast and economic, we have reviewed for you NordVPN, IPVanish and PureVPN.

However, online there are also lists of IPTV that do not contain channels and Premium Sky but only the clear channels of our own and other countries. These lists are often available online, free of charge, and are frequently quite stable. These in theory are illegal and we do not recommend to use them, because most of the channels are available on their respective websites, in absolutely legal way.

If you want to use them, do so at your own risk ChimeraRevo does not support or encourage piracy.

The most convenient method to use the IPTV is to have a TV Box connected to a TV that plays the channels that you are interested in simple and immediate way. If you don't have one we recommend you take a look at our post which elaborates on the peculiarities of each device, allowing you to find the perfect one for you.

In any case, the IPTV can be used quite comfortably on the PC using VLC and the legendary Kodi. Also can be used easily through Kodi or app specific to Android.

There are three solutions available to those who want a list of IPTV is quite stable and contains all the free channels of digital terrestrial television.

Here are the three lists you use the most. These lists m3u iptv work very well with Kodi and do not work equally well with VLC where some of the streams (especially Rai) don't want it to go.

So the advice is to use these lists on Kodi, if you do not know how, please consult our guide.

The first is that of the famous infogw auto-upgrading, it works for now perfectly. You can download it or insert it into your client to the following url list m3u:

The second is the list of PandaSat famous for work even outside national boundaries, with the new url now works really well and there are also the channels of other countries, and only the channels in the clear. You can download it or insert it into your client to the following url list m3u:

The third is a list available on the web, today is not perfect and not work on the Rai channels the insert for duty of chronicle. You can download it or insert it into your client to the following url list m3u:

We will update often this post as soon as I found a new playlist functioning.

Unfortunately, the other lists can be found online are not exactly that great, if you want lists IPTV always up to date should contact the sites that you find in the paragraph dedicated to publish lists each day.

Serve lists of IPTV that contain links to their channels, these lists will expose them to a high risk of being prosecuted as we explained at the beginning of this article. The advice is to stop breaking the law, if you want to continue to make the pirates the invitation is to make them well dotandovi at least a VPN.

The lists that we have included above do not contain channels, but only those in the clear. If you are looking for lists of iptv to watch streaming channels, Sky and Mediaset Premium, then you should see the post depth that we have dedicated to the topic:

Are several and interesting are the portals that offer lists IPTV free and up to date. We, as a matter of fact, we are going to list the sites which include illegal and that you should avoid, that offer lists of IPTV.

It's a site really famous, from which you can download from the playlist, updated almost every day to different countries Italy, Germany, Spain, England, France. Download the m3u playlist from this site is almost too easy, just go there and choose the list that interests you. If you want to take a look at the site, which is always well aware of its illegality here is the address.

A site both famous and notorious, on albaniatv for months daily are some of the best lists iptv free can be found on the web. The portal offers illegally channels from a lot of countries, divided by nation. If you want to give it a look the address is this.

Another site similar to the first two, which offers a high number of m3u playlist updated often. Of course, this is not legal, and it also offers those containing the Italian channels, you can reach the site at this address.

Like the others, a site that offers new lists iptv for free every day. The lists span a variety of countries, including Italy if you are curious you can at your own risk and are aware of its illegality visit the portal.

On Android, which as you know is an open platform and the basis of many valid TV Box, are available in numerous apps interesting for those looking for lists IPTV free and up to date. The app's most popular in this field are:

Kodi is the reference application for fans of iptv. It is also the platform of the add-ons are not official, and up-to-date offer series, movies and tv channels.

For the channels in the clear also Swiss the add-on Kodi Live TV (KLTV) is almost unbeatable with channels that are always updated and functioning. Instead, for the channels of Sky and Premium the best are, without a doubt, doubt, Evil King, and Stefano Addon.

The IPTV are of the unicast transmission, and then by their nature are not suitable to be used by many users at the same time. So often the problem with many users connected to the same list that collapses. The free listings containing the channels of Pay TV as a result are unstable.

Much more stable are the lists IPTV public containing only the channels in the clear, because these actually take advantage of the official flows originating from the sites of the various networks (that have servers capable of withstanding the load).

Similarly, rarely lists IPTV private go offline or take, because the reseller you do so that there are not enough resources on the server for each client.

If the list of IPTV channels in the clear over there laggano and take, the problem may be your connection. To see the streaming channels on a line slow and unstable, can be a very bad experience for this if you have a network that often goes below the 8 Mb/s (you can check with a simple speedtest), you should consider switching to Fiber seen that with the new contracts, you pay less than with the old ADSL (and then you could save while having a line fit to the stream).

Our article of discussion on the playlist, IPTV free, has concluded, we will update the post often and whenever the situation will evolve. If you do not want to miss the updates, follow us also via Facebook and Twitter.

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