Listen tv 8 April 2019: the Big Brother 16 vs Montalbano, who wins?


Published on Apr 09, 2019


Great listening this morning to the audience of the first evening of yesterday, April 8, 2019. The first match of the Monday night among the Big Brother 16 and the Commissioner Montalbano. Barbara d'urso will have conquered the audience of the first night, or the reality of Channel 5 will be crushed by the series of Rai 1 in replication? We'll find out, as always, with the audience relating to before the evening yesterday. In that of Mediaset, bring the hands forward, explaining from the outset that you expect a certain type of listening, whereby we imagine that if you were to cash in on the average of 3 million viewers, I know she would have celebrated as if you had a six on the lotto.

Certainly if the public is in front of the tv was the same one who on social commented on the program by Barbara d'urso, the ratings would be really a record, seen that #gf16 has been in trend for the whole evening, in Italy and in the world.

The Rai should be on the safe side, as happens for some years now. In the spring they return to the replicas of the Commissario Montalbano, as always, are a guarantee. Last Monday, the episode in the replication marked 6 million viewers, a little less on the Wednesday evening. And just Wednesday Montalbano had challenged is Not the d'urso, who had collected an average of 2.5 million viewers. “Rai puts us against Montalbano but in spite of this controprogrammazione we do record numbers” he had explained to the presenter and his audience. The also tell you this morning?

Here is the data of listening to "Il commissario Montalbano" with the episode Love:

The first episode of Big Brother 16 was definitely full of things to tell to the presentation of the competitors of this edition. And unlike what usually happens with the presentation, it was boring, quite the contrary. The only criticism was not surprising. The names of all the competitors were in any way come out so there was no surprise in seeing certain faces in the house. Another sore point, as always, the closing: we will continue to say it until death which may not close to one and a half night.

Here is the data, listening to the first episode of Big Brother 16:

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