Listen tv 4 march 2019 earlier in the evening: the name of The Rose by the record ratings?


Published on Mar 05, 2019


Huge wait this morning for the data listening to the first evening of the 4 march 2019. Rai 1 tries to conquer the audience with the event the name of The rose: will he cash in on a new record do you listen to? As always we will only know this morning, after the publication of the data of the listening of yesterday. One thing is certain: the Rai has given once again a product made in an excellent way to its audience. It is not a case if all of the tv series and fiction in onda su Rai 1 register listen by records: those in tune on the network know well that the level, wherever you go, it will be very high. As we have already said on other occasions, the public network knows that you will go down below a certain level of quality. A bit like if Rai had signed an unwritten pact with the audience that he knows will not be disappointed.

It is clear to all that for the Rai, the name of The rose is a series event, but it is also clear that we are facing a product that is not for everyone. If in fact a tv series like " Il commissario Montalbano, may appeal to the young graduate as the seventy-year-old with little education, here things change. It takes a certain culture to choose the name of The rose, a series that, like the book, is not for everyone. Even though the novel has had a worldwide success and is among the books most read and famous than ever, this does not mean that narration is really within the reach of all. It's important to underline how, despite everything, despite the many characters and the many plots, the narrative is able to flow smooth. The flashbacks are not lacking, but the understanding of the story is excellent.

The mission of the network in the past has also been the one to approach a public that is unusual for something higher, we'll see if this will be the case.

The name of the Rose listen to the first episode, the data auditel, march 4, 2019:

Rai 2 square, the card of sympathy and comedy on Monday night. Freccero said to be a crazy with this decision. We see a move well-studied. As I said earlier, the name of The rose is not for everyone and probably, the part of the audience, who tried the other, it will be tuned on Rai 2.

Listen Made in Sud the first episode of 2019, the data auditel, march 4, 2019:

And if Rai 1 had a mission to carry home, on Channel 5, aired a sad page of television with several embarrassing moments. One on all the humiliation that the poor, Riccardo fogli has had to suffer, feeling that they give the cuckold in front of at least 2 million italians. If it is true that those who go on a reality tv agrees to get naked and get in the game, it is also true that human decency comes first. One thing that Mediaset have not had, and the blame of course, not only of Fabrizio Corona. Presenter, authors and all the bandwagon have the same responsibility.

Listen to the first evening, 4 march 2019, the Island of the famous 2019:

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