Listen to tv, September 28, 2019: Ulysses vs Friends Celebrities, who wins?


Published on Sep 29, 2019


Last week the challenge has closed substantially with a draw: for Friends Celebrities a win in share, due to a longer duration) for Ulysses a victory in terms of spectators. And this week what's going to happen in the challenge of listening to Saturday night? Discover the latest news related to data auditel, which reveal to us the plays of the two programmes aired yesterday evening. As always, after 10, we will comment on the data together listening. September 28, 2019, the victory will have been Rai 1 with Alberto Angela and the history of Leonardo da Vinci, or to Channel 5 with the second polemic episode of Friends, Celebrities?

On Channel 5 yesterday aired an episode enough controversy also characterised by a hard-fought battle face-to-face between Maria de Filippi Filippo Bisciglia. In spite of the excellent relationship that exists between the host of Temptation Island, and the queen of Mediaset, the battle was very hard. Because you know, when Mary will touch the people who work with her, which blindly trusts him, you can't expect things to end up in a different way.

In addition, the event was characterized by some controversies arising between Joe Bastianich and Platinette. In short, a bet the old style, to be honest.

Here is the data of the ratings of the second episode of Friends: update after 10

On Rai 1 instead to celebrate the 500 years since his death, Alberto Angela has led us to time-travel in the footsteps of genius. An episode entirely dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci that view yesterday evening on Rai 1. We'll see if the public will be made guided by Angela on this trip or would have preferred another. Rai 1 should be given the act of this brave choice of culture Saturday evening, but a tug of ears, we saw that the program started well over 21,30. Restore to earlier in the evening the right place, and to get it to start no later than 21,15 would be a good thing. We say this for years now.

Here is the data, listening to the second episode of Ulysses: an update after 10

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