Listen to tv on Sunday, may 12: the last challenges between Sunday Live Sunday, who wins?


Published on May 13, 2019


Comes as always, on the Monday morning of our analysis on the data auditel relating to Sunday afternoon. Another challenge to distance the may 12, 2019, between Sunday Live and Sunday In the two programs tip Sunday afternoon of Rai and Mediaset. A challenge at a distance that does not give a more great satisfaction, since it is broadcast at two different times. But in any case, both of the conductors, hold to do well listening to a good to bring home.

Mara Venier, happy with what was on its path with the sun In it seems to be arrived at, however, is also the terminus of the line so as to make it clear on several occasions that he can't wait to close everything and take a well-deserved vacation. Will return? Does not come with the sun IN? This we know, but the presenter has had the great merit of bringing to the front of the tv more than 3 million viewers, the public in the last 2 years it was lost along the way.

Mara, therefore, is preparing to close this season ON Sunday with the scepter of queen of the Sunday afternoon. Has revolutionized the Sunday In hunting the public that there wasn't. Brought on Rai 1 on an audience even younger, giving up perhaps the initial ideas that they knew they were stale and focusing on what it does well: interviews with those in front of her manages to open up as never happened in other occasions.

Here is the data for listening to the may 12, 2019:

Cristina Parodi is its with The first time but fails to keep head-to-Sunday Live and fails to take advantage of the great trail left by Mara Venier.

Not is not very clear the reason for which Mediaset has given up on the Sunday afternoon, sending the “board” Sunday Live and reducing the bet. Or, better, the fact that Sunday's Live was in need of a reduced version to allow the d'urso also handle the early evening is clear thing. But why not go on the air from 14 to 17 with the direct challenge with Sunday? Clearly not to be missed, and this was one of the moves the worst made by the Mediaset in this television season.

Here is the data of listening to the Sunday Live 12 may 2019:

And here is the data brought home by the three soap Channel 5:

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