Listen to tv October 6, 2019 Sunday afternoon: Sunday vs soap, Fialdini vs D'urso


Published on Oct 07, 2019


As always, a Monday morning, there is great anticipation for the audience about the programs that aired on Sunday. In this piece we take care of the afternoon of Sunday: who has won the race to listen to the October 6, 2019? We'll find out, as always, just after 10 this morning but in the meantime we can tell you about what the tv audience could not see. Clearly also this Sunday, the challenge between the networks flagship Rai and Mediaset. On Channel 5, you go to soap from 14 to 17,20 with the bold and the Beautiful, One life, and The secret deployed by Mediaset to convince the public. And then to 17,20 Barbara d'urso with a new episode of Sunday Live. On Rai 1, instead of a live program first Sunday of Mara Venier, and a recorded program after We Free Wheel of Francesca Fialdini.

Last Sunday, Mara Venier had dominated in the first part of Sunday, although listen to not too exciting, but still winning. Between Francesca Fialdini and Barbara d'urso the fight was ended practically in a draw.

And this Sunday, how will things go?

In the episode of Sunday IN the broadcast yesterday, as always a mix of emotions. You laugh, you smile, you cry, we wonder. Many of the guests: from the interview-sealed Gabriel Garko to laughter with Cats . And then Serena Rossi Orietta Berti. A bet for the family, as in the style of Mara Venier.

Here are the ratings for Sunday:

On the soap just to say: they make their own and are then pressed, as always, by Mediaset. Listen to Sunday are very different from those that you earn on a daily basis when the female audience square on the couch.

Here are the ratings of the soap:

Barbara d'urso in the afternoon of the Sunday heats just the engines for what is going to happen in the first time. We reaffirm also on this occasion that the choice of suicide to broadcast Live the Sunday, does not pay and will not pay. And, above all, that the choice of giving up a Sunday Live version of the original, remains one of the biggest mistakes of Mediaset.

Here are the ratings of Sunday Live:

Francesca Fialdini is, and remains, Francesca Fialdini. There are no half-measures for her: either you love it or you hate ( with hate, that is to say, god forbid) . We are really putting too much load and in this case has no one at his side the moderates. The audience at home to long then you get tired. Less is more should be your mantra.

Here are the ratings of us at free wheel:

As always, our article will be updated after the 10.

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