Listen to tv march 28, 2019: While I was away, the new boom of plays for Rai 1?


Published on Mar 29, 2019


Great listening this morning to the audience related to the evening of yesterday, the 28th of march 2019. What happened with the airing of the new tv series for Rai 1 While I was away? As you well know, if you are a fan of data auditel, fiction, and tv series on Rai 1 in this tv season have gone to the great recording great listen, often even exceeding expectations. And saw that While I was away, the group of authors is the same fiction as Sisters and to another life, there really expects a response from the public was remarkable. We'll find out, of course only with the data from auditel relating to tv viewers yesterday.

The airing of the first episode While I was away, was also facilitated by the total absence of competition from other networks, even the numbers for the new fiction Rai 1 could get very interesting.

Judging from the interest of the public on social, we think that the new fiction Rai 1, has hit the mark. The rest of the ingredients to do well are all there. A woman in the lead role with its history, and the mysteries of her past and a family that seems to hide many mysteries. Two children who would like to get back the loving mom of a time, very different, but both are fragile and in need of affection. And then a person out of the choir, a sort of hero that could save our beautiful protagonist, taking the part with the desire to seek the truth, not the most comfortable solution for all. In short, a yellow to shades of pink and black that could really please the audience of Rai 1.

On Thursday evening, will be one of the days of great success on Rai 1 after the ratings are excellent with an average well over 5 million viewers, collected from the fifth season of God help us? We are about to find out, as always, the audience will be available after the 10.

Here is the data auditel related to the ratings of the first episode While I was away:

Little flesh on the other networks, we are waiting for the numbers to understand how things have gone

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