Listen to tv march 25, 2019: The Island of the famous fight in The name of the rose?


Published on Mar 26, 2019


It really could be a sensational twist this morning with the data listening to relating to the day of march 25, 2019? It's hard to say. Much will depend on the constancy that the audience of Rai 1 will have had in choosing to follow the name of The rose. The series event on Rai 1 started great with an average listening of over 6 million viewers. But already on the second episode, came the resounding collapse in the ratings. And with the third it is understood that the public has “rejected” the series of Rai 1. The name of the rose is one of the best seen in recent years in tv but, a little’ as has happened in more than 30 years with the novel of Umberto Eco, the story is too long and complicated, led him to desist. And so many readers have closed the book in half, many viewers have decided not to see more of the series. That was not a fiction for all that was really clear, but we'd expect that, at least the average of 4 million viewers, it was confirmed.

We will see what will happen with the last episode that aired yesterday on Rai 1. In fact it will be very interesting to see if the Island of the famous, with this edition of the flop, has had the opportunity to tell her in the first time.

In the latest episode the name of The rose aired last night, William of Baskerville has had the opportunity to find out who was the murderer and what were the secrets of the abbey. The public will welcome the grand finale of the story written by Umberto Eco?

Here are the ratings for the first evening of march 25:

With regard to the Island of the famous, yesterday aired the semi-finals. So many swings in the course of the evening, during which were chosen as the first finalists. An evening dedicated to the televoting, the rest with all the competitors arrived at the penultimate episode, it was also clear to imagine that it would go as well. At the end the audience at home has decided to permanently delete some of the castaways ( read here the names of the finalists of the famous Island 2019). There have been clashes, such as the one between Alda d'eusanio, and Kaspar, continued in the study between the columnist and the wife of the actor.

Here are the ratings for the first evening of the 25 march 2019:

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