Listen to tv 7 April 2019 Sunday afternoon: Sunday In and Sunday Live, who wins?


Published on Apr 08, 2019


As Monday morning arrives, our analysis relative to the ratings of Sunday. We start in the afternoon with the challenge to distance between Mara Venier and Barbara d'urso, who compete in two different brackets in the afternoon. Incoming data auditel related to ratings of 7 April 2019. Great curiosity to see if the two programs govern or less. Last week Sunday, had collected, in spite of the arrival of spring, large numbers, while on Sunday Live, although dominating in his band, had been content with low numbers ( even if d'urso had shown, of course, the Monday of the great enthusiasm for the given brought home but this, as you know, it's a long story). Returning to the challenge on Sunday, our hope is that in the next television season we will be again a comparison although at the moment, do not even know if Mara Venier decide to reaccept his place in the living room ON Sunday. The presenter made it clear that this experience at the helm ON Sunday, for she was not at all easy and that may not have the strength to even think about a new season of hits at a distance.

Not the case yesterday, did not escape the audience of the joke made by Mara Venier on “caffeuccio”. The presenter has offered to its guests the tea saying that the coffee it seems, is a exclusive of other...

Sunday IN the Mara continues on his life: since the talk, which apparently has not aroused interest in the audience of Rai 1, the presenter has shown on tv the long and pleasant interviews.

Fails, unfortunately, to take advantage of the great trail left by Sunday, the program, Cristina Parodi, The first time. But we can say that, although this is not a revolutionary format, but very similar to others, the Parodi with its elegance has carved out a space that it becomes very pleasant in the afternoon on Rai 1.

The soap operas Channel 5 from when they were put to the Sunday, have never shone, and in recent weeks have declined. We will see what will happen this Sunday.

The Sunday Live the restricted version of Barbara d'urso is only a container full of chaos with no head nor tail, a show during which the host is forced to cut back, to stop talking about his guests because he has no time. To reduce Sunday Live in any of the bet of the Afternoon 5 ( but structured badly) is perhaps the worst choice made by Mediaset in this season.

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