Listen to tv 22 march 2019: Hello Darwin 8 vs The bull fight, who wins?


Published on Mar 23, 2019


The first challenge at the Friday evening between two programs that bring, in a different way, the laughter in prime time. The first challenge between The fight and Ciao Darwin 8: who will have been the victory? We'll find out as usual this morning, with the data from auditel relating to tv viewers yesterday Friday 22 march 2019. A challenge unprecedented, we said: last Friday, in fact, Ciao Darwin had debuted in prime time winning without much difficulty the challenge with Rai 1. And this week, with the return of Carlo Conti in the early evening, what will happen? The audience will be rewarded once again Paolo Bonolis, or the return of Carlo conti was welcomed with the usual enthusiasm on the part of viewers? All we can do is wait for the data listening yesterday to understand how things have gone.

The Rai hopes to regain the Friday evening, after listening the not-too-bright Sanremo Young in fact, it is expected that at least The Bullfight and return to shine on Rai 1. Home-Mediaset, however, the hope is that the second episode of Ciao Darwin can cash-out the same satisfaction that the audience demonstrated last week. The Friday is an evening full of superlatives: from Italy's Got Talent on Tv8, passing Propaganda Live on La7 and ending with Crozza aired on the Nine. In short, the proposals are not lacking for sure.

There remains then wait to find out how it went this first challenge between the Rai and Mediaset. The impression is that there will be a head-to-brim between the two channels...

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And here is the data auditel related to the evening of yesterday:

The first episode of The Bullfight broadcast on Rai 1 on the 22nd of march 2019 was seen by

The second episode of Ciao Darwin 8 broadcast on Channel 5 on the 22nd of march 2019 was seen by

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