Listen to tv 20 march 2019: Live-is Not the d'urso enhances the data of the past week?


Published on Mar 21, 2019


Great is waiting, as always, also this morning for the audience of the evening of Wednesday evening. And great expectations for the data, listening to the bet Live is not the d'urso aired on 20 march 2019. The data auditel this morning, we reveal to you how things went: after starting with 2.7 million viewers and a 17% share of the program by Barbara d'urso will be better or worse? The tv presenter last week, he thanked his audience, as he always does, recognising that the objective of the network was to collect the 13 % share for which, apparently, last Thursday they were all pleased with the result, brought home from the Live. A particular thing, as many analysts speaking of the famous Island which is the same result speak of a flop resounding while when there is half a Barbara d'urso sanctification is always in place. It will be perhaps even for a reason of cost: obviously, the Island does not have the same cost of a program like Live is Not the d'urso then clearly you expect more...this Will be the reason? We will never know. But soon we will know what has been given to listening to the episode of the Live-it is Not the d'urso yesterday that he had to beat a film that you have seen on Rai 1, the most recent episode of The red door, and those Who saw it on Rai 3.

The program is very followed on social, we can safely say that if the sentiment was in the listen to, Live would be a record. But we know that it's one thing to write on social, the other is to follow the program...In the second episode, Barbara d'urso has staked everything on a second part that has seen the Wanna Marchi e Stefania Nobile against all. Will have conquered the audience at home or not?

Here is the data auditel relating to the first evening of the 20 march 2019, the second installment of the Live-it is Not the d'urso:

We remain so waiting for new data auditel related to the programs broadcasted yesterday evening to understand how the challenge of Wednesday

The Red door 2 the last episode, data auditel 20 march 2019:

Anyone who has seen the episode of 20 march 2019, data auditel:

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