Listen to the record Sunday afternoon for Barbara d'urso comes the boom with Sunday Live


Published on Nov 04, 2019


The first week-end of cold, especially in the north, and the first data auditel's really interesting is the afternoon of the Sunday with plays in the growth for all programs. But unlike the past few weeks, the one that you can see the November 3, 2019, is the dizzying growth of Sunday Live that makes you listen to gold in the end of the week all saints day.

The program by Barbara d'urso gets to listen to really interesting and gets a lot of Us at Free Wheel which, however, thanks also to the excellent coupling of Sunday, brings home listen excellent. So let's see the numbers.

Sunday marks the 16.4% with 2.890.000 spectators in the first part, and 16.9% with 2.817.000 spectators in the second, From Us – A Free-Wheel is the choice of 2.383.000 viewers (13.1%).

The program of Mara Venier record plays excellent with a first part definitely better than the second. The program grows and in view of the winter, and now in almost all of Italy, could make plays even better. Well, Francesca Fialdini which resulted in a tv programme not too original, but it's like that to the public.

Beautiful-attracted 2.167.000 viewers (12%), A Life 2.025.000 (12.1%), and The Secret 2.203.000 (13.1%); Sunday, Live like a 2.647.000 viewers with 14.8% market share (Last Surprise 2.247.000 – 11.7%).

This Sunday, Barbara d'urso is the door, albeit very little , advantage over Francesca Fialdini. Also by the media, in fact, between the first and the second part, we can see that the program of Channel 5 remains the leader of his band.

This week, therefore, the proclamations of Mediaset will have the sense to exist given the excellent results received by Sunday Live. And in that regard, we continue to ask ourselves how it is possible that the network has given up on the Sunday afternoon, with the episode of the long Sunday Live that he won listen to a record, to give space to a clone failed, " to Live in the early evening, the door to the house listen to embarrassing...

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