Listen to the miraculous for There is mail for you to: record numbers for the Saturday Channel 5


Published on Mar 08, 2020


In an evening full climate of terrorism, during which no one understood more than anything because of the draft of the new decree that would have established a prohibition of entry and exit from the Region of Lombardy and other 11 provinces, the public has chosen to relax following the tv. And he did, giving the There is mail for you, to listen to the best of the season, and not only. With almost 7 million viewers in front of the tv, glued to the television screen with the stories told by Maria, There is mail for you to collect one of its best results ever.

Listen to the miraculous for Mary, who gives, in these hours of anxiety and worry, some relief also to the many people forced to the house for everything that is happening in Italy. An injection of laughter to the initial, that has done some good in the hearts of all with Carlo Conti and Leonardo Pieraccioni, Giorgio Panariello.

Luckily, these episodes of you've got mail have been recorded in a long time, otherwise we would have lost all the affection and the warmth of the audience, the value of a hug, the warmth of a handshake. This, too, is the rest of the tv, at the time of the coronavirus.

We see the numbers of the evening with the challenge between Channel 5 and Rai 1 for the tv viewers of the march 7, 2020.

A Story by Singing, he conquered 3.060.000 spectators equal to 13.49% of the share. Nothing to do for the program of Rai 1 that fails to take advantage of the increase in the public in front of the tv. The public chooses the other and this time is no rewards program Enrico Ruggeri e Bianca Guaccero.

On Channel 5 There is Mail for You has gathered in front of the video 6.611.000 spectators equal to 29.31% of the share . Numbers crazy for Channel 5 that today is going to be really the way to do press releases with a tone more triumphant, and this time he has all the reasons to do it!

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