Listen to the first evening, march 10, 2019: the silence of The water can beat That time ago?


Published on Mar 11, 2019


Great is waiting, as always, also this morning for the audience, on Sunday evening. New challenge in prime time on march 10, 2019, even if it repeats what happened last week. A fiction Mediaset against That time ago. Last Sunday, lie has done very well against That time, that is, being able to keep up with the pace. What will happen this week with the silence of The water? The fiction with Ambra Angiolini and Giorgio Pasotti will be able to beat the program of Rai 1, conducted by Fabio Fazio? In the evening yesterday, accomplices, perhaps, also listen to not too exciting for the last period, Fabio Fazio has decided to reduce in any way his show, and he has done also taking advantage of the presence of Amadeus. The conductor of the Rai 1 was the subject of a lovely interview, but also a space dedicated to the game, with a new version of I soliti ignoti. A move that might have amused and interested the audience of Rai 1?

We'll find out, as always, only now with the audience relating to before the evening of march 10, 2019.

Very good data first those de the silence of The water, with an average of more than 3.5 million viewers in the first episode aired Friday. The Media, which has allowed Channel 5 to beat Rai 1 Sanremo Young, increasingly on the decline. A certain result is not shiny, but perfectly in line with the ratings that the network is bringing you home in this disastrous season. A result that today, Mediaset, is liquid gold. Not surprisingly, the entire cast of the series, celebrated with messages on social to thank the audience.

If we think that on Rai 1 on God to help us has an average of 5 million viewers, and that The name of the rose was close to 7, we realize how much difference there still is between the Rai and Mediaset in this sense. But the silence of The water it is a good product and definitely deserved the ratings that were those fictions that have popped up in the past but ruined after, the reputation of Mediaset.

Here is the data auditel related to listen to yesterday's Sunday 10 march 2019 the first evening, the second episode of the silence of The water:

Fabio Fazio tries again, and, as we said earlier, also tries to lighten the program that he has in his liturgy, perhaps, one of the weak points. To emphasize the first interview on tv of Nicola Zingaretti, after his election, the new secretary of the PD.

The weak point of That time doing the second part, the one dedicated to the table that stirs up less and less of the curiosity of the public, and which condemns the program to have an average very low.

Here is the data of ratings of 10 march 2019, with the data from auditel of That time ago:

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