Listen to The evidence of the cook always low, the news is not enough: we review as well?


Published on Feb 19, 2019


Nothing to do: listen to de La prova del cuoco continue to be disastrous. After a slight surge in the week to Sanremo ( some episodes have averaged 1.5 million viewers, numbers, discrete and well away from the media last year) for Elisa Isoardi, the 13% fixed share of returns. But apparently, in that of rai 1, this numbers, do not worry because no one at the time, chose to comment on what happens in the south of Rai 1. If, in fact, to live life, you tried to correct the shooting on the run, for the test of The cook is done, but without so many speeches. It is done in a variety of ways, the rest just turn on the tv today to realize how much difference there is between the episodes of The trial will be broadcast in September and those of today. From poor Andrea Lo Cicero is filed, without even a greeting, for some chefs, of which today there is no trace. The proof of the cook has put in place its small or large revolutions, but the result was the same: the public did not like it. Little also served is the return of the great masters of the caliber of Natalia Cattelani, Alessandra Spisni or Luisanna Messeri. The public every day bowl, the program of Rai 1.

Let's do a numerical example to understand the magnitude of the difference between the edition 2018 de La prova del cuoco and the wave this year

The data of February 18, 2019:

On Bbc1 The Test of the Cook " has collected 1.373.000 viewers with 13.1%.

The data of 19 February 2018 Monday:

The Proof of the Cook interested 2.034.000 spectators with the 15.7%

As you can see the difference, you're not playing on points of share, which is only 2 less than last year, but the audience of the public that the program has lost. And since the target audience is not the one who benefits from the format via streaming or on other platforms, it is not worth even the speech of the audience of the public that change. You know, the housewives are following the program of Rai 1 the mind of the cook. The difference, as we said, to play on the number of viewers lost: 700 thousand compared to last season, and they are not few.

Today The test of the cook, is more and more similar to the editions of the past, with the challenges of the masters in the kitchen and the space occupied by the other you will find that it is reduced. Someone has had to admit all the mistakes made by this “evolution” de La prova del cuoco that of his old audience is not liked. And now, in spite of the changes, and perhaps also the improvements made, it seems to be really late to hope that things will change.

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