Listen to the afternoon Rai: Caterina Balivo celebrates with Come to me, live life still beaten by Geo


Published on Jan 18, 2019


There is an air of change, that of Rai 1. It seems that the author of The test of the cook, Casimir Can be ready to go to live life even though, as you can see from the social network of Elisa Isoardi, the author is still a part of the team of the program of southern italy on Rai 1 ( the we have seen today in a story on Instagram). To listen de live life are doing to worry about the new director of Rai 1 who would have thought of the changes in authorial to try and give it a shake. If you live life does not take off in the afternoon on Rai 1, with listen always the lowest, Come to me instead she has now found its audience and the public in the afternoon of yesterday, the program of Caterina Balivo, despite the programming of Channel 5, has been a great listen, one of the best of the season. The program of Caterina Balivo in fact, on the afternoon of January 17, 2019 recorded an average of over 2 million viewers because, as you well know, Men and Women with the episodes dedicated to the throne classic is not able to do the same numbers that leads to the house with the throne over. And probably the part of the audience that Channel 5 loses in the days of airs to the throne, with the classic, goes on Rai 1 and the following Come to me.

Caterina Balivo then, after starting slow with several errors in his program seems to have found the right path. In addition, the choice to go to the wave, even if with episodes recorded in the course of the Christmas holidays, has awarded. The public does not like the alternatives he saw that on Rai 1 there is a well done program that can satisfy the palate!

In this war a housewife, and of course, once again, to reap more benefits is Geo, the program of Rai 3, which is also in the day of 17 January 2019 has beaten The life you live.

We see the numbers

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 2.045.000 spectators equal to 14.2% of the audience. The Paradise of the Lord has a passionate 1.717.000 spectators equal to 14.2%. The TG1 has informed 1.261.000 viewers (10.8%), while the TG1 Economy has gathered 1.374.000 viewers (11.7%). Life Direct has collected 1.577.000 viewers with 13.3%, in the first part, and 1.831.000 viewers with 13.8%, in the second part.

Geo has recorded 1.887.000 viewers with 13.6%.

Also excellent in the ratings of the Paradise of the lord, a bet that we can say we won by the Rai.

The planned changes to the new Life live, will be able to revive the fortunes of the program on Rai 1? Let's go to the period of sanremo which usually helps the entire schedule of the Rai, thanks to the many exclusive offers. As they say, you should beat the iron now that it is warm, you will do?

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