Listen to Sunday afternoon, march 3, 2019: Mara Venier wins again? Sunday Live takes botta?


Published on Mar 04, 2019


Can't miss on Sunday morning our piece of analysis on the data auditel Sunday afternoon. Who won the challenge on Sunday and what are the data for listening to the march 3, 2019? Let's find out, obviously, with the data arriving after 10 this morning and we will reveal how things went in the afternoon of the italians. An afternoon that will probably be one of the first drops of the season: Carnival Sunday, the first Sunday from the flavour of summer, and wishes to get out of the house and don't stay too long in front of the tv. We will see with the data of the listening of yesterday if there be this decline that we expect. The proposal on Sunday afternoon, was in any case very varied, as happens now after December. On Rai 1 in fact, Mara Venier made her with a pleasant bet On Sunday, followed by The first time of Cristina Parodi. Mediaset continues to propose the soap Channel 5 and watch an episode restricted to Sunday Live waiting to see the big show d'urso in prime time.


A bet all-female one that Mara Venier wanted for the afternoon of 3 march. Guests Sunday In the great women of the world of the show and not only that: by Antonella Clerici with his boys of Sanremo Young Rita from the Church passing by Valeria Fabrizi. Great interview, also the minister Bongiorno spoke of the new laws against violence on women and not only.

Barbara d'urso, with the restricted version of Sunday Live has provided different material to talk about. From new photos that show the betrayal of Karin Trentini, the wife of Riccardo fogli, the interview with Chando, the former of Grecia Colmenares. And so much romance in the time dedicated to Rose Perrotta, and Peter Presents with the announcement of the sex of the baby live.

To listen to Sunday 3 march 2019

To listen de for The first time march 3, 2019

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The ratings of the soap Channel 5, march 3, 2019

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