Listen to Sunday 10 march 2019 afternoon: Sunday IN and Sunday Live still plays fine?


Published on Mar 11, 2019


Spring is approaching and the usual physical decline on Sunday could be just around the corner. We don't want to “gufare” of course, but every year, around this time, there is the classic decline of viewers in front of the tv. On Sundays you spend in the house are finished, there is a desire for fresh air! We will find out if this year is happening with the data auditel relating to tv viewers yesterday, Sunday 10 march 2019. How did the programs broadcasted in the afternoon? The data auditel yesterday we reveal just plays of Sunday In and Sunday Live, the two leading programs in the afternoon of Rai and Mediaset, even if in two different times.

In the afternoon, in fact, as you know by now, is divided into two parts. The first that goes from 14 to 17.30 you see on Rai 1 the triumph of Mara Venier with the excellent ratings of her program. In this segment on Channel 5, airing the soap instead don't shine very much. In the second, which goes from 17.30 to 18,50 about Barbara d'urso comes with its restricted version of Sunday Live and return to be the leader in its class. Cristina Parodi with The first time, holding his but not stand comparison with his former “rival”.

Mara Venier has found the winning formula with his sun IN carefree but often also reflective. A Sunday that does not depend on any script: increasingly, Mara lets herself be guided by her instinct in the interviews with the guests and of course the phone calls that live can not miss. Fortunately, now that the cell do not interference with the microphones, otherwise a Sunday, you would understand nothing!

Here is the data auditel audience share ON Sunday 10 march 2019:

Here is the data auditel audience share de The first time on march 10, 2019:

On Channel 5 yesterday, Barbara d'urso has started with the history of Greece Colmenares and the alleged betrayal came by her ex-boyfriend Chando. Apparently this edition of the Island has not led very well...

Then he continued with an appeal: that of the daughter of the footballer Emerson to his father. He does not see and does not hear him for over three years and hopes to riabbracciarlo maybe after this video message in tv. And not to miss anything, even a nice time in the company of Cristina d'avena, with its beautiful songs and soundtracks of the cartoons. Finally a video with the first images of Paola Caruso from the hospital and then the announcement of the arriving guests to Live-Not the d'urso.

Here is the data auditel related to the ratings of Sunday Live: march 10, 2019:

Here is the data auditel related to the ratings of the soap aired Sunday 10 march 2019:

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