Listen to Saturday evening, Portobello vs Tu si que vales: who won the first challenge?


Published on Oct 28, 2018


Great expectations this morning, despite the change of time, for the ratings on Saturday evening. What will be happened on the 27th of October 2018? We'll find out today, with the data from auditel relating to tv viewers yesterday. A challenge new Saturday night: from one side the confirm, beyond which the top-rated You you que vales, from a month or so triumphs on the Saturday evening of Channel 5 with a highest average of 5 million viewers. On the other, the “return” of Portobello conducted by Antonella Clerici, which is new to the landscape of prime-time on Rai 1. Here, not having seen the episodes of Portobello 31 years ago, let us not dwell on the parallels. People who lived in that era can understand what the differences are with the program now. Do a comparison after having seen the clip on Rai Play is not possible, at least according to our modest point of view. And not just because you can criticize a program that aired in the past but why to talk about the Portobello di Enzo Tortora, one must also understand the reasons of his choices, in relation to the period in which he lived. And considering that the age doesn't allow this, we limit ourselves to comment on those that have been the choices of Antonella Clerici.

Still too soon after the first episode, to give an opinion on the total, you can instead say, briefly, that the program is too slow. A problem, however, it must be said, could be found by a young audience, an audience accustomed to very different rhythms. But who is to say that the program circles that target? Who is to say that the target audience of Portobello di Antonella Clerici is not another?

Waiting for the data auditel, which will allow us to understand a lot of this situation, we can say that the show on the Saturday evening, in its slowness pays the fact of being live. But the rest could not be otherwise because the mechanism is based on phone calls, shares, messages, all to be given in real-time. Here we still use the phone we understand how Rai 1 is linked to the tradition but at the same time as still the italians are linked to the tradition of the phone, perhaps still the fixed that in the other countries of the world does not exist for a long time.

It is not bad, is a mirror of who we are. We will only see what she has chosen the public at home and also to remember that this was the episode of curiosity, the bet of those who sought answers, and by the next Saturday things could change, for better or worse, of course.



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