Listen to pre-evening, September 24, 2018: the first challenge between The heritage and Free Fall


Published on Sep 25, 2018


Starts a new challenge between Mediaset and Rai, including Canale 5 and Rai 1. It is the challenge for the pre evening that must fight The legacy aired on Rai 1 and Free Fall on Channel 5. In these first two weeks of airing, Free Fall, has had to deal with chain Reaction, an unbeatable program of Rai 1 that, even with the conducting of Gabriele Courses, has made his. A season excellent so much so that the conductor greeted his audience by giving the bye to the next edition. Gerry Scotti, on the other hand had a beginning rather difficult, listening to a very low to Free-Fall. But on the 24th of September 2018, marks a new era. Back in onda su Rai 1 in fact, The heredity, but the face that will be in the homes of the italians is that of Flavio Insinna, who will have the arduous task to a large extent the public. Its has of course a quiz is strong that has not been changed, a program that the public found as he had left them. We see the numbers and then the comments.

We see the numbers then:

On Bbc1 The Inheritance has obtained an average audience of 3.732.000 spectators (23.38%).

On Channel 5 Free Fall – Starts The Challenge has raised 2.011.000 viewers (15.18%), while the Free Fall has affected 3.112.000 spectators (17.85%).

Compare with the data last year, and data relating to the ratings of September 25, 2017)

On Bbc1 The Legacy – The Challenge of the 7 got an average audience of 2.983.000 viewers (20.6%), while The Legacy has played with 4.480.000 spectators (24%).

On Channel 5 Free Fall – the Start of the Challenge marks 2.149.000 viewers (15.8%), while the Free-Fall collects 3.268.000 viewers (18.1%).

By analyzing the data, we can say that The redità got the same listening to the past season. In fact, if we make the average of the first part with the second part , the ratings are in line. Surely the free-Fall, a decline compared to last year, a small notch, improves compared to previous weeks. The rest, as we have repeated several times, listen to September are complicated, and only in the coming weeks there will be a more consistent data of which to speak.

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