Listen to Miss Italia 2019, the return on the Rai will save the beauty contest?


Published on Sep 07, 2019


Miss Italy celebrates his 80 years and to mark the occasion back in Rai. A choice is certainly important that may reward, from the point of view of the audience, the beauty contest, the most important of Italy. How it will go, the things we'll find out just after 10 when will be available the data auditel relating to the first evening of the 6 September 2019 that we will reveal then also listeners and brought home by the final of Miss Italy 2019 live from Jesolo on Rai 1. An evening a long, slow one that the home crowd has followed. The idea of having an event at the Rai, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Miss Italia was not bad. Sin, however, that the packaging of the evening was a flop. The miss seem an ornament even if Alessandro Greco repeatedly reminded us that they were not there to do the scene. But the feeling at home was this: on the stage of the building is successful, but the time for the 80's miss was tight. Unlike what has happened in the past, there was very little time available, so much so that some have not even talked about.


The idea to do an evening event, as we said previously, it was not bad at all, shame that the event was not the Miss, but the entire contour. Errors to the director, the audience dying: only the enthusiasm of Alexander the Greek, has saved half this evening to forget. And who knows, maybe the ratings will be given some sop to the Rai.

Waiting to know the ratings collected by the final of Miss Italy in 2019, let's take a step back. Last year, the final evening of Miss Italia first went on air on La7 on 16 September 2018. Had collided with the fiction of the success of Rai 1 The life promise ( and this year's went on the air with practically no competition). Had this result:

on La7 the final of Miss Italy has registered 1.006.000 viewers with an audience share of 4% in the preview “The Finalists” on the air from 21.21 at 21.55 and 696.000 spectators with the 5% from 21.59 to 1.29 . If you consider the simulcast with La7D, Miss Italy, from 22, has registered 5.7%. On La7D the program has obtained 111.000 spectators with 0.4% (first segment) and 106,000 spectators equal to 0.8%.

And here is the data auditel related to the evening dedicated to Miss Italy 80 on Rai 1

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