Listen to march 16, 2019: the grand finale for There is mail for you, closing the record?


Published on Mar 17, 2019


The greatest edition of you've got mail aired in 2019. Edition-help by the public, which has awarded the program with an average well over 5 million viewers in each episode. A year that has seen win Maria de Filippi, every Saturday evening, anyone who was his opponent. One issue that he did discuss, excite, pissed and aroused great interest of the public at home. The program, in addition to record ratings on tv, it was also very popular on social. In short, a new golden season for Maria de Filippi with the programme to which, as always, is more related. 16 march 2019 aired the last episode of c'è posta per te: great expectations and so this morning to know the data of the listening of the evening. Maria de Filippi and There is mail for you will be closed listening to a record?

There remains then wait for the tab with the data auditel of the evening, but we imagine that this Saturday, without flash, for the effort, the victory went to There is mail for you. Mary closed with a super guest: Julia Roberts was the protagonist of a sweet story and gave a really very exciting, thanks to its great availability.

No challenge in particular, in the early evening on Saturday. Rai 1, in fact, charging the batteries and waiting to see Dancing with the stars in the early evening, a duel with Friends, the network leaves space for the film. Yesterday There was mail for you in fact challenged with the movie, Who saw me. A challenge unprecedented, this morning we get to know the audience in detail.

Episode full of emotions until the end. Mary, in fact, this year has decided to make a video to thank all the people who collaborated in the implementation of the programme of Channel 5.

Here is the data auditel related to the evening of 16 march 2019 with the last episode of c'è posta per te:

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