Listen to February 22, 2019: Sanremo Young beats, Men and Women The choice?


Published on Feb 23, 2019


Great listening this morning to the audience of Friday evening: the second match between The choice of Men and Women and Sanremo Young. The two proposals are completely different to those of the evening of Friday, February 22, 2019. Will be, as always, the data auditel-related yesterday evening to tell us how things have gone, the two programs, yesterday, were very followed on social. Last week the challenge was over almost in a tie, with ratings very similar for the two programs. One important difference, however: the show of Rai 1 has a certain type of costs for the company and is expected to be able to win the evening, the program of Channel 5 is made in Charm/Maria De Filippi/Mediaset and, to the extent not to be made free of course, remains always a product of the family, if we can say so.

The chapter then by the decision of the Rai does not broadcast the Suburra-The series at Friday evening leaving the audience open-mouthed. As often happens in these cases, the network that decides to block a product does not offer any means to the public to understand that it is not going to be aired ( we think maybe even some of the simple written over impression) and the second half, and then, the insults of the public. Rai 2 has decided not to televise the Suburra, even after the first episodes, without giving them even a second chance. And yet just yesterday that the series was debuting with its second season on Netflix, perhaps some viewer in more on Rai 2 would arrive...but it's nothing to do, you go to NCIS, even if the dear director Freccero told us to hate the american series...

Antonella Clerici continues to do the business, and the program, it must be said, is definitely very well set up, at least compared to the past season. The only problem remains the fact that the usually continue to shine so you can't expect a listen to below 4 million viewers. We'll see if this second installment will remain at least in line with the result collected last week.


Maria de Filippi launches his creature in the early evening and the network is cashing in on a listening to is not exciting, but these days it's liquid gold seen in the ratings from the network, the regional Channel 5 collect. However, when trash is there in abundance, Maria de Filippi takes a step back. Put the name, the face a little less.


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