Listen to afternoon, September 9, 2019: life in the direct vs Afternoon 5, who wins?


Published on Sep 10, 2019


At the moment, we have to say, that between Channel 5 and Rai 1 in the end of the afternoon is certainly a challenge pending, at least for those who love the analysis of the data auditel of the programs aired on major tv channels! The first challenge, so between the Afternoon Five and live life on the 9th of September 2019: who won? On Rai 1 on their first episode together, Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini for The life live that changes the course. The new edition of The live life for the month of September will be aired from 16. The overlap with the Afternoon 5, however, will start from 17,10 then the challenge will be in this time slot. Barbara d'urso will resist the arrival of this new couple on Rai 1, or it will fail to regain its audience by continuing to win all the challenges as he did last year?

Last year, the first bet of the Afternoon, Five had been seen by 1.433.000 viewers (16.22%), in the first part, to 1 525 000 and exposed viewers (16.01%), in the second part, and to 1.373.000 viewers (13.1%), in the third part of the short-term ratings of 10 September 2018).

Yesterday Afternoon Five has made company to the public starting from 17,15 about, immediately after The secret. As always, Barbara d'urso is the match with the first part dedicated to the news, with the latest news on the case that all are following, the murder of Elisa Pomarelli then move on to a second part dedicated to the world of gossip and entertainment. In short, the scheme that wins does not change, as one might say in this case!

Here are the ratings of the first episode of the Afternoon, 5 of the first episode-in update after 10

Last year the first episode of The live life led by Tiberio Timperi e Francesca Fialdini was seen by 1.357.000 viewers with 14.11% in the first part aired from 16.35 to 17.09 and 1.527.000 spectators equal to 16.52% in the second part aired from 17.13 to 18.41 ( listen to the September 10, 2018). Remember that for a month, live life going to be aired from 16 for which the comparison will be not only with the Afternoon to Five, but also with the soap The secret ( this week, however the challenge is with Bitter-Sweet before, and The secret after waiting for the face-to-face with the Afternoon Five, the overlap starts only after the 17,10).

Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini have sought to bring their style in the program of rai 1, even if at the moment it is still very early to make a judgment on their work. We can tell you, however, that the first part, as announced already before the airing of the program, is dedicated to gossip, to costume, to the show. The guests and commentators in the studio to sit down together and to the conductors on a sofa, chatting of the news of the week.

The audience will be given a chance to the new team of Rai 1? One thing is certain: Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano don't need a teleprompter, and this is great news.

Here is the data, listening to the first episode of The live life aired on the 9th of September 2019-in update after 10

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