Listen to 9 September, who wins and who loses at the debut: the d'urso confirms Wonder Woman


Published on Sep 10, 2019


Have you seen the new promo of the Live-it is Not the d'urso, the one that among other things, cost the host a trip to the emergency room? Barbara is dressed as Wonder Woman, and no mistake. Three programs in the direct-to-manage in the same period, a direct daily, and much more-not only. Comes back and beats the competition as if nothing had happened. If you do not have her supernatural powers, who has them? In the challenges of the onset, those who see the first few episodes of the various programs to clash in the day of the debut, Channel 5 fly high through the Afternoon the Five, the one from the soap, it has a great towing saw that Bitter Sweet and The secret still manage to hold above the 2 million viewers, beating clearly the first part of The live life. No surprise for the duo Matano-Life that receives great appreciation from the critics and also the public on the social was following the program but fails to overcome Mediaset.

It is pretty good in the morning on Rai 1 with listen still warm but allow, at least in the first part, to beat Channel 5 with the Morning, 5 that also subdued. The first evening back resoundingly Rai 1 double nearly the ratings of Channel 5 with reruns of Montalbano. The used sure wins and convinces even if the Rai must be very careful because even the most loyal are beginning to tire of these constant repetitions.

Il Commissario Montalbano – La Gita a Tindari in the replication has conquered 4.486.000 spectators equal to 21.27% of the share. On Channel 5, from 21.31 to 1.07 – the first episode of Temptation Island Vip 2 has collected in front of the video 2.949.000 spectators equal to 18.16% market share (Goodnight: 805.000 – 16.35% )

Rai 1 beat Channel 5 with reruns.

On Bbc1 One Morning marks 851.000 viewers with 18.66%. From 10.01 to 10.54, Italian Stories got 746.000 viewers (14.38%).

Morning Five has entertained 603.000 viewers (11.17%), in the first part, and 598.000 viewers (11.57%) in the second part.

In the overlay, therefore, Rai 1 beats Channel 5 until 11.

On that particular day because at 11 on Rai 1 aired the speech of the Count, against Forum. La prova del cuoco starts at around 12.40 with a bet not at the top for the organization, given that the Isoardi has had to improvise with the time that remained.

On rai 1 Rai Parliament Special Room got 1.218.000 viewers with 15.29%. From 12.40 to 13.25, La Prova del Cuoco Mini has collected 1.396.000 viewers with 10.4% share.

On Channel 5 the Forum get to 1.298.000 viewers with 14.64%.

In the overlay and then the Forum takes The test of the cook in the share but the real challenge will start from September 10.

Come to Me 1.509.000 spectators equal to 11.88% . The debut of Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano to LaVita Direct has collected 1.279.000 viewers with 12.82%, in a presentation broadcast from 16.01 to 16.26, and 1.258.000 spectators with the 13.42%, in the first part aired from 16.52 to 17.01, and 1.381.000 viewers with 14.42% in the second part broadcast from 17.05 to 18.40.

The soap operas Channel 5 win in the afternoon and beat Rai 1 with listen to the excellent:

On Canale5 Beautiful 2.439.000 viewers with 16.41%. A Life has convinced 2.334.000 viewers with 16.86% market share. To follow Bitter Sweet – the Ingredients of Love has got 2.314.000 viewers with 20.43%. The Secret has achieved an average audience of 2.022.000 spectators equal to 21.63% of share.

And in the second part of the afternoon, Channel 5 the victory always remains with the network thanks to the ratings of the program by Barbara d'urso.

Afternoon Five has made the company to 1.485.000 viewers (16.44%), in the first part aired from 17.19 to 17.57, 1.581.000 viewers (15.65%), in the second part aired from 18.01 to 18.33, and 1.476.000 spectators (13.46%) in the last part of the short-term wave from 18.37 to 18.42.

In the afternoon Canale 5 is to be once again unbeatable. And there's one more ace in the sleeve, for Men and Women.

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