Listen, the proof of The cook sinks: 11.9% audience share, and 1 million viewers in less than Clerici


Published on Nov 16, 2018


Will continue for a long time to pretend nothing has happened in the house Rai? Likely. There are, however, the numbers and those, no one can say anything. Because the numbers, you know, remain, and speak clearly. And for the Rai, which remains the leader in the first evening without discussions, the other bands start to become a problem. To listen de La Prova del cuoco getting worse by the day. Do you think that the episode aired yesterday, November 15, 2018 was seen by an average of 1.1 million viewers, falling below the 12 % market share with one of the worst results ever for the program of Rai 1. The proof of the cook loses 1 million viewers compared to last year, he did the double with Antonella Clerici. The Tg of Rai 1 at noon, and reached one million spectators doing the same, and The facts Your on Rai 2 that from one moment to the next could also do the overtaking.

In The proof of the cook changes in stroke are not lacking: from The Cicero demoted to special correspondent to the new kitchen, which is at the centre of the studio to cook better. But perhaps the verb cook is not suitable for the program of Rai 1 saw that, in spite of the length of the program, the time to devote to the recipes is always less. Often the chefs must explain in a hurry and fury of their recipes and the audience at home does is complain. “Is not physiological,” said the Clerics some time ago in his only interview dedicated to the topic. And how much has it right. Already, as the change of the conductor leads you to lose a few hungry to share, a few handful of spectators, but does not condemn the program to be seen from half of the audience turns off the tv and goes over.

Let's see the numbers with the data of listening last year, and those of 2018, with the conduction of Elisa Isoardi:

LISTEN to THE EVIDENCE OF the COOK, NOVEMBER 16, 2017: The Test of the Cook interested 2.062.000 viewers with 17.4%.

LISTEN to THE EVIDENCE OF the COOK, NOVEMBER 15, 2018: Su Rai1 La Prova del Cuoco has collected 1.161.000 viewers with 11.9% share

We examined Thursday.

At home, Rai does not talk about the flop, all is quiet. But something you must do, since The proof of the cook he did lose the end, to the network. And if the listening of The heritage should go worse as is happening in these last days, Rai 1 it would also lose the historical range of the pre in the evening, and to the director of the network, the results would not likely what was expected. And to this we add the given de " La vita in diretta Rai 1 in the end, more that in order to approach Channel 5 is close to Rai 3 Geo that exceeds every expectation.

What to do? Those who are wrong? Why is this happening? We can not have us the answers even though a few weeks ago we talked about it in all the sauces, to stay on topic. Let us always remember that the audience is the master. The viewer holds the remote control and build something in our size just because we like is not always the suitable choice, the choice that rewards.

On the social and not only that, the experts will comment as well:

weekly update on #laprovadelcuoco:
November 15, 2018: 1.161.000 viewers with 11.9% share
November 15, 2017: 2.014.000 spectators with the 17.6% share
850 thousand people lost in a year is alarming for a program ultrafidelizzato.

— Francesco Canino (@fraversion) 16 November 2018

#unomattina surprise in the fall, #laprovadelcuoco in serious trouble. The new #vienidame and #ilparadisodellesignore not work, #lavitainidiretta more and more close to the Rai 3 that to Channel 5. The colossus #leredita still loses against #sky drop. Congratulations to Teodoli and Orpheus.

— Giuseppe Candela (@GiusCandela) 16 November 2018

#forum 19% vs #laprovadelcuoco of 11.9%. Most of the seven points of distance between Canale 5 and Rai 1 at noon.

— Giuseppe Candela (@GiusCandela) 16 November 2018

In January, lathes, Antonella Clerici, Anna Moroni, the study of always, and the heat always!#LaProvadelCuoco 1161 11.89%#IFattiVostri 981 9.96%

— BubinoBlog (@bubinoblog) 16 November 2018

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