Liqueur to end the meal: chamomile, pine and other recipes vintage

Published on Mar 24, 2016

Limoncello, served well chilled at the end of the meal, you might be arrived at the end of...Born in the mists of time among the fishermen of the south, or perhaps the monks in their cells, they distilled the fruits and herbs of every kind, in 2000, was even entered in the basket, ISTAT consumption displacing the sambuca.

But if the limoncello artisan, hand-made with the lemons of Sorrento, Amalfi and Massa Lubrense, each different from the others, is still valued, today the liquoriottenuti distilling fruits and herbs, with the addition of spices and aromas, but above all to the skill of master distillers as Charles Quail, now in its fourth generation of the Distillery Quail, represent – together with the great return of the bitters – the new order-the meal.

Home-Quail – explains Carlo Quaglia –you chose to return to work as a time, producing recipes and labels from the taste exquisitely vintage, but, above all, by following a philosophy the more natural as possible: know the suppliers, those who cultivate and those who even collects. The skins of the citrus fruit must be fresh (not dried), the same is true for the herbs that would otherwise fail as. Also the time of the collection has its importance, in addition to the use of alcohol obtained from cereals in italy. Spirits born to be drunk with ice, at the end of the meal, but which give excellent results in mixing. Here are the 8 flavors to choose from.

The taste is definitely that of the holes of camomile, the same that produced the great-grandfather Quail, which was dusted off the ancient recipe: infusion of dried flowers in alcohol, retouched with citron peel, vanilla beans and other spices. Once, however, had to burn (40°-50°, maybe you aggungeva pepper): today, the gradation, instead, travelling on the 28th.

Amarotico, with notes of spices, vanilla, and rhubarb, is obtained from the infusion of Chinotti of Savona, fresh-processed like just picked, put on the infusion for over two months, and then, after the pressing, matured six months in stainless steel.

You get from the sun, the peels of fresh citrus, softened by vanilla from Madagascar. Perfect chilled, best when paired with sweets of the spoon.

Mugo Pine
Here are infused in cold resin and pine cones, to obtain a liquor balsamic from the clear cues resin. The best if you drink it mixed, but frozen combines perfectly with dry pastry.

Kummel Double Caraway
Liquor of cumin, which once was coloured yellow with saffron, while we drink today transparent: it is obtained from the crushing of the seeds, dissolved in alcohol and then leafless on canvas.
Up to the Fifties was the digestive “par excellence”, it was in the Golf Club scottish: today there is someone who dares to mix it in a Negroni in place of gin.

Made of 99% natural elements, in addition to violet includes extracts of coriander, myrrh, elder flowers, dog rose, rosa damascena, citrus fruits, and vanilla: a delicate floral taste that really like to a female audience. Gentle on even the gradation of 20°.

Sweet, is made with 250 grams of fruit for every litre of alcohol, collection in Pecetto Canavese at nine in the morning and to the 10 already placed in infusion in order to preserve all the aromas.

The recipe is one of the ratafia of the grandmother: fruit infused in alcohol, the famous cherries under spirit. Here is made with cherry red and white of the turin hills, and let it sit for three months in the carboy. The addition of mace, vanilla from Madagascar and cocoa nib to make the sweet one. Only warning: be careful, a glass leads to another...

Here are two cocktails for you to mix with the liquor vintage signed by Marianna Sicheri, barlady ofOctavius Bar to Replay The Stage of Milan.

40 ml Cognac
40 ml Death Door Gin
25 ml Liqueur of Bergamot Quail
20 ml Lime
Chunk of Ice
Zest of Lime
Technique: Shake and Double Strain

The Twist to the cocktail “Between the Sheets”, first appeared in the 1930's at Harry's New York Bar in Paris by barman Harry MacElhone.
“I see, I don't see deceives” ...a strong character, and dry, aftertaste is elegant and long, and by the scents of citrus lime and bergamot.

The Pearl
45 ml Jonge Jenever Onder de Boompjes
45 ml Berto Rosso Vermouth
15 ml Liqueur Chinotto
Pearls of Sugar
Technique: Stir and Strain

Twist of the classic “Hanky Panky” of the note barlady Ada Coleman, the first capobarman woman at the American Bar of the Savoy Hotel in London . “Hanky Panky” is also the name of a british brand of lingerie which is linked to the name of the cocktail with a wink to an equally well-known brands of lingerie in Italian. The pearls that are poured from the top in the glass recalls the silk that slips on the body of a woman. The Jenever, one of the distillates of the oldest in Europe, from a higher gear, while the liqueur Chinotto gives a bitter aftertaste, but smooth.


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