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Published on Sep 30, 2017


It is essentially this question – and the answer – at the center of Like4Like, the comic book written by Marco Rincione and designed by Francesco ‘Prenzy’ Chiappara to the series, Comics Raw Shockdom.

Said so, it might seem reductive, but there is much more in history – indeed, in the two stories – tacked by writer and artist for this comic deeply accomplished and inexorably open. The basic idea is similar to that of the film In Time (2011), as stated by Mark himself in the introduction to the volume: we are in a more or less near future in that currency for a living has become the like, which is the equivalent of a day. You live through the social and it is they who determine the duration and the quality of life of a person, on the basis of how many like you have and especially you receive from others, that we “give” then one, two, three, and so on, days of life.

In this atmosphere oppressive and seemingly without a way out, winding the story of Whitney, alex and Manu. Whitney public on LikeBook photo of a kiss with your boyfriend self-putting I like, and this is the more serious crime for the company of the like, punishable by death (and the cover of the volume that is the Kiss of Hayez, acquires much more meaning); why not give us days of life to themselves. Alessio and Manu, for their part, are a couple in love that is running out the days of his life, and so they decide to put on a show live on social to acquire like: attempts fail one after the other, up to a relentless, and raw epilogue.

It is both sleek and palpable critique of contemporary society: on the one hand, it analyzes the put I like on your own, often ironically joke about social media as a sign of self-satisfaction and vanity, and on the other there is the turning point sadly true that people do not want to see the nice – apart from the kittens – but the bad, and the horror on social media and, metaphorically speaking, on the internet. People criticize Ale and Manu when a cat that are taking catches a bird mangiandoselo live, but I can't help but look – and mipiacciare “solidarity” – when Manu becomes, tragically, a victim of its own video, being invested because distracted.

The two stories have the subtitle Prosecution and Defence (as well as the comic that Process) but none of the two is really such, but rather, they are a “mix of grey” on both sides, just like real life. In addition to the introduction, time to present the genesis and especially the context from which it is born this comic, there is a short story that inframezza the two stories entitled The follower, which, in addition to further develop the context of like they live in Whitney, Manu and Alessio, gives a nice punch in the stomach to the reader on the relationship of people on social media with their idols, artists, and so on. A parenthesis interesting by Marco Rincione, so that they can develop the right look intimate already seen in the Ducks, but maybe breaks a little too much of the narrative.

The designs of Prenzy are well suited to express the “arrogance” of social networks on people – the fact that Whitney is rather in the flesh is not only a hallmark of the artist, but also a metaphor of the feast like we do every day, without even realizing it; as well as the ambiguous behavior of her fiance on the social with girls much slimmer Whitney.

Goodbye Black Mirror, there's a new Like4Like in town.

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