Liam Payne and Maya Henry are left


Published on Feb 27, 2020


Photo via the web

Six exact months from the first snapped together, Liam Payne and Maya Henry are left!

Beautiful, rich and famous, the two guys have not stood the test of time that passes and, after a dream of the younger fans, they decided to proceed towards different paths. This at least is what they told different sources that are confirmed in the statements made by an insider to “The Sun“.

“Recently things between Liam and Maya were evil and one day they decided to call themselves out. Towards the end of last year, Liam was very busy and when it stopped they both have had the opportunity to reflect on what they wanted to.”

The same anonymous informant added that the two boys took different paths, and that Liam is willing to leave everything behind as soon as possible.

Photo: @ Instagram/ Maya Henry

We can deduce, therefore, that there would be space for a possible return of the flame, but the thing is not surprising at all. After the relationship with Cheryl Cole, the singer of 10 years old and the mother of his son Bear, Liam has had several flirtations, including one - chiacchieratissimo - with Naomi Campbell.




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