LG introduces the first refrigerator smart with voice control and web OS


Published on Jan 08, 2017


A real operating system is the heart of the new refrigerator Smart Instaview presented by LG at the CES in Las Vegas. The technological future is increasingly in household appliances of common use.

LG Smart InstaView offers a whole range of new functions provided by the Voice service Alexa of the Amazon, and based on the platform smart webOS of LG.

This refrigerator Door-in-Door is equipped with a touch screen 29-inch LCD that, thanks to the characteristic InstaView, it becomes instantly clear with only two shots on the screen and allows you to see inside without having to open the door. Also, with webOS, consumers can experience the numerous features WiFi directly from the display located on the door of the refrigerator

Thanks to the voice service Alexa of the Amazon, the user can access an intelligent personal assistant that, using voice commands, you can search for recipes, play music, add items to a shopping list, and much more. With over 6,000 services available Alexa can also control the smart home, call a taxi, set the timer of the kitchen and check the temperature on the outside of the house, all with his voice only.

In addition to the facilities provided by Alexa Amazon the refrigerator Door-in-Door LG Smart InstaView offers many other useful features for the management of the kitchen. For example, the menu Smart Tag allows you to add decals and tags to indicate which foods are available, as well as the ability to enter a reminder for the communication of the expiry date of the food stored in the refrigerator.

The presence of a lens, 2.0 mega-pixel panoramic camera is inserted inside the fridge allows you to take photos, even from different angles, and transmit them wirelessly to your smartphone; a feature that can definitely help those who find themselves doing the shopping, you will realize that you had forgotten the list of foods to buy.

The price of this refrigerator smart will be announced in a few weeks.

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